Use the best natural fertilizer and you will see great improvements in your plants. Here is what you need to use, you will find it right in your refrigerator.

To take care of your plants, you need little attention. Surely it is good to know the location, light and temperature that each plant needs. To keep it always lush and healthy, it is important to choose the right fertilizer and water it sufficiently.

Fertilizer is a fundamental ingredient because it helps plants and helps them grow healthier and stronger, but most importantly protects them from bacteria and parasites. Therefore, with the fertilizer you will have healthy and lush plants. What you need to know is that you do not necessarily have to buy the chemical.

In fact, there are several equally effective natural fertilizers that bring benefits to the plant with their properties. Now let’s look at a fertilizer that consists of only one ingredient that you will surely find in your refrigerator at home. Below you will find all the details about what to use and how it is made. You can use it for all houseplants.

Natural fertilizer: this is the best for your plants

As we said before, fertilizer is very important and there are several that can be used without spending money. Just think about putting coffee or putting eggs in the soil. But what we are going to see now is very easy to make because you only need to take this ingredient and just a little water.

This is Greek natural yogurt. This fertilizer that we are going to make now is suitable for all plants. Both to flowering indoor and outdoor plants, for example, the orchid. But also, to vegetable plants such as tomatoes or even large trees, especially fruit trees.

Greek natural yogurt is rich in calcium and potassium, which are excellent for plant health and should never be missing. Then there is also a high presence of magnesium and then we also find vitamin B12 and B6. It is very important to choose a completely natural yogurt that does not contain sugar.

First you need water, about 5 quarts. You need to leave the water in the sun for about 24 hours so that it is ready to dissolve the yogurt. But it is also important that the water is absolutely free of chlorine. Now let’s see how to do it, you will have already understood that it is really simple.

After a day and when the water is ready, you can pour the Greek yogurt, taken out of the refrigerator for a few hours to soften, into your 5-quart water bottle. You will need 5 teaspoons and then mix first using the teaspoon and then perhaps by shaking the bottle.

If you need less water, calculate 1 teaspoon of yogurt for every quart of water. Now you can pour this fertilizer into your plants, and you will immediately notice the first results. Start watering the mass frequently, then once a week and gradually reduce.