In this article we will show you a really ingenious way to get a really powerful organic fertilizer. It also serves to repel parasites and other insects dangerous to your plants. Here are the details.

The fertilizer you give your plants is essential. It needs to be chosen in the best way possible, as it serves to give your plants the best possible nutrition and allow them to grow as healthily as possible. The substances necessary for lush reproduction will be numerous. The most important are potassium, nitrogen, calcium and magnesium. Phosphorus, iron and other secondary microelements are other important substances for the maintenance and healthy growth of your plants. An ideal fertilizer should therefore be equipped with these vital nutrients.

These nutrients must be distributed in the right quantity. Your plants will be perfectly refreshed, and you will notice that they always grow healthy. As obvious as it may seem, every plant needs the right treatment in terms of sunlight, watering and other primary and secondary aspects. Below we would like to introduce you to an amazing natural organic fertilizer that you can choose and use for your plants. It will ensure long-term health of your garden and keep away pests and other animals that are dangerous to the existing plants. Curious about what we mean? Sit back and learn more about this incredible natural solution.

The ideal organic fertilizer for your plants: Here’s the surprise

Among the many organic and natural fertilizers available, the manure from animals such as cattle is undoubtedly one of the best. In fact, it is ideal for the care and maintenance of your garden and plants, since it contains all the main nutrients described above. However, in this article we would like to mention another incredible natural fertilizer. We are talking about nettle. Here you will find everything you need to know about it.

Nettle is a wild herb that is used for medicinal purposes. In fact, it has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and allows you to cure arthritis and various muscle pains naturally. Nettle also has very important diuretic properties. However, in this article we are not referring to our health, but to that of the plants in the garden. Through a special process is produced a natural organic fertilizer based on nettle, which is perfect for healthy plant growth. Below we will actually see how to obtain nettle syrup or macerate. This solution is ideal for fertilizing the plants in your garden. In fact, they grow optimally because this nettle syrup is very rich in potassium, nitrogen and calcium. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Nettle syrup to fertilize plants naturally: how to get it

To obtain nettle syrup that you can occasionally spray on your plants, you just need to follow all our suggestions conscientiously and carefully. To nourish plants in the best possible way, nettle can really prove to be an incredible element. Thus, make an ideal nettle macerate to spray on your plants and give them ideal nutrients.

All you need is water and a large number of nettles to collect. Then you need to put the harvested nettles in plenty of water for several days. They give off a very strong smell and the water gradually tends to turn black. This is the ideal method for obtaining nettle macerate. They are mixed several times during the different days of maceration.

Then it is recommended to dilute the nettle syrup with clear water. After a few days, the nettle has perfectly released its juice. It is therefore possible to proceed to the next step. On average, it is enough to mix ten quantities of clean water with one quantity of nettle syrup.

With this mixture you can water your garden to fertilize it optimally. In this way, the plants will have the nutrients essential for their optimal growth. The nettle macerate not only guarantees long-term health of plants, but also keeps parasites and other animals away from our vegetable garden or garden . This also preserves any flowers and fruits that may be present. A truly incredible dual function of the nettle.