Relaxing bath, chamomile infusion, soothing scent of essential oils, meditation … there are many ways to fall asleep and avoid insomnia during stressful times. But did you know that plants also have a significant positive impact on our mood or our health in general? It is known that houseplants are very beneficial for our body: They detoxify, absorb carbon dioxide, clean the air from toxins. Not to mention that they sublimate the rooms in which they are installed by adding a lush touch.

Among them there is one that allows us to spend nights in complete serenity. By installing it in your bedroom, you will benefit from all these advantages. Its peculiarity? This plant improves sleep quality thanks to its white and very fragrant flowers. Certainly, each plant has different needs and adapts to specific conditions. For this, in this case, it is necessary to control the humidity, luminosity and air flow to which it would be exposed. Quickly discover this evergreen plant that acts as a natural sleep aid and significantly improves your sleep. And above all, follow all our advice to take care of it perfectly.

What is this plant that purifies the environment and improves sleep?

Like so many other plant species that have useful properties to improve the quality of the environment, this plant is also known to eliminate moisture and purify the air. But its other major benefit is mainly to improve the quality of sleep. Let’s end the suspense: It is the magnificent gardenia, an evergreen shrub native to South Africa and Asia. It is characterized by its white petals, glossy green leaves and elegant jasmine-scented flowers.

A gardenia at home is useful not only to make the air clean and healthy, absorb carbon dioxide, but also to sleep at night. As a bonus, it is so beautiful to look at that it immediately puts us in a good mood. In fact, gardenia has this special feature to relax the atmosphere. Its unique scent dispels anxiety and stress in an instant. However, this plant is not easy to grow, it has specific and diverse needs for its growth and flowering. Therefore, if you want to keep it as long as possible, it is imperative to care and nurture it with patience and sensitivity.

How do you take good care of your gardenia to get the full benefits?

First, it should never be exposed to drafts or placed near heat sources. So, choose a bright place, but without direct sunlight. Warning: do not install it near a radiator to avoid drying out. It needs acidic soil and a temperature that never falls below 10 degrees. Therefore, growing it at home is possible, but some precautions must be taken so that your plant can live well without problems.

As a rule, gardenia requires constant humidity. To promote natural humidity, place it in a bowl of clay gravel or gravel like this, which should always be soaked with water. Water it regularly in spring and summer without drowning it . If the soil dries out, water it up to twice a week. Also spray water on its leaves. In the fall and winter, wait until the soil dries halfway up before watering. Finally, make sure the water you use is at room temperature and not chalky.


Gardenia is considered one of the most beautiful houseplants, so it is an important ally in the fight against insomnia and makes it easier to fall asleep. According to an American study, this shrub is even more effective than Valium to relieve anxiety and reduce stress!