Cleaning your oven is a task that is often put off. And for good reason: most people see it as a chore. However, you can’t ignore it: A dirty oven leads to unpleasant odors and the development of bacteria. To avoid unpleasant culinary surprises, regular maintenance is highly recommended. And the work will be much easier if you make the best use of the famous button on the oven door. By the way, our simple and natural tips will save you time!

How to clean a heavily soiled oven without chemicals?

Whether you cook occasionally or prepare delicious meals in the oven on a regular basis, it’s normal for it to get dirty over time. Granted, you’re used to superficial cleaning and quickly rubbing off the visible grease stains. However, this appliance needs a thorough cleaning to remove all encrusted dirt, especially the baked-on residue that sticks to hard-to-reach corners. To prevent stains from becoming stubborn and the cleaning process from becoming extra costly, it is important to tackle the stain on a regular basis. That’s why we’re going to tell you some of the best cleaning tips that will make your job easier. As a bonus, you don’t have to use any chemicals!

No more drudgery thanks to this very handy button!

It is not strictly prescribed how often you should clean the oven. Because it depends mainly on how you use it and how often you cook. Do you have a habit of preparing fatty foods or cookies with almost no fat? In any case, the more often you use it, the more care is required. Therefore, it is recommended to clean it thoroughly at least once a week. And for effective cleaning, be sure to remove the oven door, otherwise the remains of dirt will not be completely removed. You do not know how to remove this door? There is exactly one “button”, which sometimes goes unnoticed, but will greatly simplify your work. This button is present on most devices: It is specially designed to facilitate the removal of the door. It is usually located on the latch at the bottom of the door. Carefully remove the bar from the top to remove the glass. You can then proceed with cleaning.

Note: The oven manual will be very useful to you as it will give you all the detailed instructions on how to remove the door without damaging it. Also, to prevent it from slipping between your hands, it is better to do it in pairs.

How to clean the oven in a natural way with a natural detergent?

Electric oven is a very convenient device when you need to quickly prepare dishes or reheat ready meals. However, high temperatures lead to the accumulation of burnt residues on the walls. These are often very difficult to clean. However, in order to prepare and enjoy your dishes completely safely, the hygiene of the device must be impeccable. However, to avoid damage, it is important to take certain precautions. Here are a few:

  • Always follow the oven manufacturer’s recommendations and precautions when cleaning.
  • Since some methods involve cleaning the oven while it is hot, be careful not to burn yourself.
  • Never touch the hot heating elements or the oven plate.
  • Make sure that the cleaning agents do not wet the wiring or resistors.

If your oven is very dirty, try the following methods:

Lemon and salt: Thanks to its disinfectant action and its natural ability to quickly neutralize bad odors, lemon is an ideal ally for cleaning the oven. Salt, on the other hand, is also an excellent stain remover and whitener. Form a paste and apply carefully while the oven is still hot. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Then remove grease and grime with a paper towel.

Baking soda: You may not know it, but yeast is a great cleaning agent that can remove all kinds of stains. All you have to do is form a paste once again with lukewarm water and yeast. Apply the paste to the most stubborn stains and leave it for half an hour. After this time, remove the dirt with a paper towel as well. Then wipe over the spot with a damp cloth. There you go, your electric stove is all clean!