With this method, you get very strong roots and magnificent flowers. With this trick, known only to a few, your orchid will be revived. We will tell you how to take care of the aerial roots of your orchids , how to cut them and how to revive them. You will never stop looking at them, how beautiful they are.

What are dry roots and how do you care for them?

Aerial roots are those that develop above the ground and are visible outside the pot or soil in which the plant is planted. These roots can be used to absorb water and nutrients from the air and rainwater. To care for aerial roots, it is important that the plant has a suitable pot with drainage holes and a well-drained substrate. In addition, the plant should be watered regularly, but not excessively, to avoid its rotting.

It is also important to provide the plant with a suitable environment with good lighting, appropriate temperatures and adequate humidity. In general, aerial roots do not require special care, but it is important to monitor them regularly to ensure that they are not too dry or too wet and that there are no signs of disease or pests. A cut-up plastic bottle can be used to water the aerial roots of a plant. Before you begin, make sure you have a clean, dry bottle and a knife or scissors to cut the bottle open.

  • Cut the bottle in half so you have a lid and a container.
  • Poke holes in the bottom of the container so the water can escape.
  • Fill the container with water.
  • Turn the lid over and place it in the bowl so that the holes are covered.
  • Place the bottle near the aerial roots of the plant, making sure the holes are in contact with the roots.
  • Let the water flow slowly from the holes, delivering water to the roots as they absorb it. Add more water to the bowl as needed.

Be sure not to overwater and avoid flooding them. When in doubt, it is always better to add less water and check again after a few hours. If the aerial roots in question are from an orchid, you should cut them back to revive them as follows.

This is how you should cut the orchid

If the aerial roots in question are from an orchid plant, we strongly recommend not cutting them. Cutting the root areas of the orchid to make it more aesthetically pleasing is not a profitable move.

However, if you want it to bloom optimally, you should cut the stem of the orchid with a sharp knife or pruning shears and avoid cutting too close to the base of the plant. Remove any dead or dried leaves from the base of the cut stem.

Remove any dead or damaged branches from the plant. Cut back any lateral stems that have developed from the base of the plant to allow the plant to focus on developing flowers. Plant the orchid in a new pot with a fresh, well-drained substrate.

Give the plant a location suitable for its exposure to sunlight, avoid locations that are too dark or directly exposed to the sun. Be sure to provide the plant with adequate water and fertilizer to promote growth.