Grease on wood can be a real nuisance. Here are some tricks to get it off and keep your furniture and floors looking like new.  It’s physiological that wood furniture and floors can become stained with grease over time, especially if they’re in the kitchen.

How grease forms on wood

Wood furniture and flooring are beautiful to look at and very functional. Their durability and the look they give is truly unparalleled. However, to keep them looking like new for longer, constant maintenance is required. Also, because especially if parquet and wooden furniture is in the kitchen, it could get dirty with grease over time. The latter could come from the daily activities of food preparation. Fortunately, eliminating it is not a big problem, since there are many natural remedies that have been passed down mainly from our grandmothers. We will explain some of them below.

Grease on wood: methods to get rid of it

The first means to remove grease from wood is to use ingredients that are very easy to find in our kitchens. We are talking about vegetable oil, along with baking soda and a toothbrush. To complete the job, you can use a clean, dry cloth.

To proceed, you need to mix oil with twice as much baking soda. The goal is to obtain a creamy mixture. Use the toothbrush to apply the solution straight onto the wood. Scrub with the brush also in all the gaps where more grease has accumulated to remove it. After this process, clean the surface with the help of the cloth. Baking soda will prove to be an excellent degreaser. Alternatively, it can be used on a soft sponge to rub the surfaces.

The second method of removing grease from wood, on the other hand, involves the use of another very common ingredient: white wine vinegar, which is notoriously used for household cleaning. To clean the wood, dip a clean cloth in the vinegar and wipe the cabinets and all other wooden surfaces to be cleaned.

If your furniture and floors are made of fine wood, it is best to test the product on one portion first and then proceed. The wood should also be treated regularly with healing oil to preserve its beauty. Some oils are also able to act as a protective film against grease and smear.

In addition, it must be remembered that it would be better to continue cleaning the wooden furniture and floors daily to avoid the accumulation of grease and thus the use of more aggressive and drastic means.