You want to drive away wasps in summer, so that they do not annoy you? We have three effective tricks for you.

Anyone eating outside right now has probably noticed: wasps are back. In August, the insects are making a reappearance and interfering with our outdoor social grilling. That’s why we looked into how to effectively repel wasps and which three methods are actually helpful.

Drive away wasps: With these 3 tricks it works

It’s impossible to think about a quiet meal outdoors at the moment, especially if there’s meat on the table. As soon as you sit down, uninvited guests appear at the table: wasps. But how should you drive away wasps and which means really help to prevent the small, annoying insects from coming back? We have for you the ultimate tips that help in the fight against wasps.

  1. Spray bottle with water

One of the easiest tricks to get rid of wasps is to spray them with water. Through this shower, the insects think that it is raining and quickly move to their nest, so that their wings do not get wet and they can no longer fly. However, this only helps for a short time, because the wasps realize relatively quickly that it is only a ‘local shower’. Nevertheless, this trick is helpful – and quickly done in any case.

  1. Set up replacement food

When the wasps pounce on your food, they are in this sense only looking for food. However, you can easily get this for them – and drive them away from your own plate. Just put a plate of cut fruit and some meat or sausage on the table (away from your own food) and let the wasps feast on this substitute food.

  1. Avoid perfume

The smell of sweet perfume is pleasant not only for us humans, but also for wasps. To drive away the insects or even to take precautionary measures, you should simply leave out the perfume. In any case, you are less likely to be approached by wasps.