Regular washing remains essential to keep your clothes clean. However, apart from mistakes you should avoid, such as overloading the machine, not cleaning the residue filter or not airing the machine after finishing the wash, there is another habit you should avoid when drying your clothes. What exactly is this mistake that can put your and your family’s health at risk? Let’s find out now!

Above all, do not make this mistake when drying your laundry!

Sometimes we use the heater to speed up the drying of our clothes. This seemingly simple and harmless gesture can damage our respiratory system! How can this be possible ? In fact, drying clothes with a radiator and beyond in your laundry room favors the release of a very large amount of water vapor (moisture). The latter moves through the air until it comes into contact with the first cold surface it encounters. In other words, this water vapor, which is moisture, eventually settles into the walls of your laundry room and causes mold problems. A snowball effect that can eventually cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems.

Can I use a heated towel rack to dry laundry?

In fact, a heated towel rack can be a good way to quickly dry your clothes in the house. Economical, it is also cheaper than a clothes dryer. In addition, heated towel racks are not only suitable for bathrooms, but can also be installed in laundry rooms.

Mistakes not to make when using a clothes dryer

If you prefer to use a clothes dryer, avoid the following mistakes:

  • Dry clothes longer than necessary.

Overdrying clothes can damage them by causing them to wrinkle or shrink. In addition, this could lead to excessive energy consumption, increasing your electricity bill.

Drying woolen clothes in the dryer

Do not dry your favorite wool sweater in the dryer! This could permanently damage the fiber. Although there are “wool” programs in some clothes dryers, it’s best not to use them and to air dry wool garments in a shaded area rather than in direct sunlight to prevent the colors from losing their luminosity. Finally, lay these garments flat to keep their shape.

Waste of water from the dryer

To avoid waste, you can reclaim the water from your dryer and reuse it for certain household tasks like washing windows. To do this, simply mix ⅓ of this water with ⅔ white vinegar before use. That’s it, you can now dry your laundry without taking risks or making mistakes!