Smoking not only harms the health of the smoker, but also his environment. Tobacco can get on the walls and be really annoying for those who smell this smell every day. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome it with a plant that absorbs it. This plant will clean the air in your home in no time!

The smell of cigarettes can be overwhelming and stick to your walls for a long time. Did you know that it is possible to get rid of it with a houseplant? One thing is for sure: you will quickly invite these plants into your home to find clean and healthy air. According to some studies, houseplants clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, but also eliminate significant amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other chemical gases.

The plant that absorbs cigarette smoke

Schefflera is a plant that can survive up to 12 years in a pot without flowering. It is the ideal plant for an apartment for several reasons, such as its medium size, its shiny, webbed, round and different colored leaves. It can be placed individually in generous places where the special shape of the leaves is emphasized. It can also be invited in an arrangement with other decorative plants.

This plant has environmentally friendly properties, which means that its presence in the house guarantees clean and disinfected air. Schefflera absorbs odors and chemical gases from the air such as cigarette smoke. This plant adapts well indoors, with a few simple care rules to follow.

You can place it in a bright place, but without direct sunlight, which provides a beautiful coloration of the leaves. The plant grows well in places with moderate and constant temperature between 64-68 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 59-62 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. From spring to autumn Schefflera can stay outside on the balcony or terrace, provided that it is protected from direct sunlight and drafts.

Watering this plant should be done only after checking that the surface of the soil is dry. It must be watered until the soil is soaked with water, but it is necessary to remove the excess so as not to kill the roots. Especially in winter, we recommend spraying the leaves daily with decalcified water.

Other types of flowers that help keep the house fresh

  • Chrysanthemum

This plant is characterized by the beauty of its petals, but also by its ability to eliminate ammonia. Therefore, chrysanthemums are very useful to clean the air in a room where cigarette smoke is present.

  • Aglaonema

Aglaonema is one of the plants that can absorb the smell of tobacco, thanks to its generous leaves that purify the air in the house. This plant needs a lot of light.

  • Sansevieria

Sansevieria helps to renew the air in the environment, it is also used in interior decoration as it adds a touch of freshness to the house.

  • golden pothos

This pretty vine needs protection from direct sunlight. Golden pothos prefers temperatures between 62 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit and needs watering only when the soil looks dry.

  • Peace Lily

One of Australia’s most common houseplants tolerates dark, dry soil. Peace lily is also one of the most effective air purifiers and even removes ammonia, the component of urine. Therefore, this plant is to be invited into the bathrooms.