Relentless travelers, bed bugs do not hesitate to invade our homes. They place their suitcases in the most inaccessible corners and then sneak into our sheets and mattresses. And that’s not all: when they bite us, they cause intense itching and often leave raised red marks on the skin. How can you eradicate them? Follow these 3 tips to find a peaceful sleep!

Bed bugs are a real nuisance. Attracted by the warmth of our bodies and our breathing, they take advantage of our carefree moments in the arms of Morpheus to bite us! Very discreet, but visible to the naked eye, they like to hide in the darkest places in the house, sometimes even in baseboards and curtain rods. These little critters, whose numbers can increase very quickly, then require appropriate treatments.

How to get rid of bed bugs once and for all? 3 infallible tips

The presence of bed bugs can become a real nightmare. Although they are associated with the idea of a dirty environment, it is not uncommon for them to invade the most luxurious hotels around the world. This is because very often they jump into our luggage to create a new habitat. So, if you notice mosquito bite-like bites on your body, small black spots on the sheets, box spring beds, mattresses, walls or floors, or fine streaks of blood, this should warn you. You can also recognize them by their small size and their rusty brown color and oval shape. If you encounter these insects face to face, don’t panic! These few simple steps will help you eliminate any invasion.

  1. Hot washing, the most effective bed bug treatment!

Bed bugs are very difficult to eradicate. For what? Females lay white eggs, which usually emerge as larvae after 15 days. They reproduce at great speed and are characterized by their great longevity. Therefore, it is best to use the high temperatures of the washing machine and the steam of the dryer to destroy them. So, at the slightest sign of infestation, wash everything near your bed, namely: pillows, blankets, comforters, stuffed animals and sheets. You can even use a steam cleaner for curtains and armchairs. Hot steam can do wonders for cleaning and disinfection!

  1. Thorough cleaning of the bed and the room to remove bedbugs

As you must have understood, it is important to keep your sheets clean at all times to prevent a new infestation. And that’s not all, a thorough cleaning of the bed and the room is necessary. For this, there is nothing better than a vacuum cleaner on the top and bottom of the mattress, as well as the other corners of the bed. Do not hesitate to pass the device over the carpet, bed frame and slots, if any. This process must be repeated daily to achieve good results. When you are done, remember to close the vacuum bag and dispose of it outside your home immediately. After you carefully clean up your bedroom, bed bugs will no longer find possible hiding places!

  1. freezing your things can also be a solution!

Have you ever thought about freezing your clothes to get rid of unwanted insects? This amazing trick is especially good for delicate linens that are infested with bed bugs. Instead of hot washing, you can put these small items in a freezer bag and then place them in your freezer at a temperature of -4°F for at least 72 hours. Like heat, extremely low temperatures kill bed bugs and their eggs.

If you adopt these additional gestures as soon as possible, you have every chance of eliminating the colony once and for all!

What to do about bed bugs naturally? Home remedies & miracle cures

Are you tired of these little pests sneaking into your home without your permission? Besides washing and cleaning gestures, other home remedies and natural repellents can be used to eliminate bed bugs.

What is the most effective product to kill bed bugs? Use diatomaceous earth!

Does diatomaceous earth speak to you? It is a white powder that acts as a powerful natural insecticide. Dust all areas where bed bugs pass to eliminate them. In just a few days they will die dehydrated under the action of its petrified microalgae. Be careful, always wear a mask to avoid inhaling this powder. This can be toxic to your pets. Avoid using it in their presence!

How to treat a bed bug infestation with essential oils?

Did you know? Essential oils can also help you get rid of bed bugs. How? The principle is simple: you just need to mix essential oils such as cedar, orange, tea tree or clove oil in a spray bottle. To do this:

  • Pour 10 drops of essential oil of your choice and ¼ cup of water into a spray bottle;
  • Shake to mix well
  • Spray the solution on infected areas and corners

Target the bed frame and mattress in particular. As you wish!

How to fight bed bugs with petroleum jelly?

Finally, it is quite possible to prevent bed bugs from infesting your bed. All you need to do is coat the legs of your bed with enough Vaseline to prevent the bugs from climbing. You will likely succeed in avoiding a possible bedbug invasion! This method should be done after cleaning your mattress and bedding.

You know what to do if your bedroom seems to be overrun with bed bugs. Don’t get discouraged and handle this new warning like a pro!