Got your zipper closed and can’t get it down? It may have caught on the fabric or come loose. To fix it easily, all you have to do is follow these simple tricks. Don’t panic if your zipper is broken, stuck in the fabric or has come loose. There is a simple and quick solution for all these cases.

If the zipper does not close

If you close your zipper but see that it opens when you move it forward, there is a problem with the adhesion. This kind of problem generally occurs with polyester fabrics, especially intended for delicate areas such as handbags, pillows, skirts, dresses or T-shirts.

To fix it, you need to push the zipper to the end of the garment. Then place a pair of tweezers over the zipper and push until the zipper fits. If you find that it doesn’t fasten the first time, repeat the process and squeeze the closure harder.

If the zipper is stuck

If when you open or close the zipper you find that it is caught in some fabric, don’t worry, there is a solution for this situation as well.

To get it unstuck, you should gently pull back the zipper while pushing the fabric down. You need to perform this action very carefully, because you might tear the fabric.

There is another case when the zipper that you have not used for a long time does not move in any direction. So, you cannot close or open it, it is stuck. In these cases, you need to apply a lubricant. To do this, rub the zipper with a candle, Vaseline or soap.

If the zipper has come loose

If any part of the zipper comes loose, you need to grab the zipper with pliers and at the same time open the side a little with a screwdriver. You will open a little until you see that the zipper is straight again. Once the closure is back in place, you need to push with the pliers until the head closes properly and slides smoothly.

There is also the trick with the straw for this problem. To do this, you need to cut a piece of straw and sew it exactly where the stopper is located. Since the straw is flat and hard, it will be easier to reattach the head to the zipper.

If the problem is that the head has come loose, you can use the fork trick.  To do this, place the head between the teeth of the fork and insert the teeth of the zipper until they are in place.