Cleaning and perfuming the whole house are no longer a problem if you use the tricks and methods of the hotels and resort to natural and environmentally friendly solutions. A little cunning and the products we have at home are enough to clean a slightly dirty furniture, carpets and rugs. Let’s see what this solution is for everyone.

Clean carpets and rugs with natural products

Carpets and rugs are two elements that add warmth and hospitality to the house. However, they can also become real nests of dust, mites and bacteria. For this reason, it is important to keep these elements clean and disinfected, using natural products that do not harm health and the environment.

White vinegar is a perfect ally for cleaning carpets and rugs. Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, vinegar can remove unpleasant odors and stubborn stains. To use, simply prepare a solution of water and white vinegar in equal parts, spray it on the carpet or rug and leave it for about half an hour. After that, you can start vacuuming.

Dishwashing liquid is another natural product that can be used to clean carpets and rugs. Thanks to its degreasing properties, dishwashing liquid can remove grease and oil stains. To use it, simply prepare a solution of dishwashing liquid and water and use it to remove stubborn stains. After letting it soak for a few minutes, you can proceed with vacuuming.

Essential oils, on the other hand, can be used to perfume the carpet or rug. In this case, you can choose your favorite essential oil such as lavender, eucalyptus or lemon and dilute it with water. The obtained solution can be sprayed on the rug or carpet to perfume it and make the environment more pleasant.

Scent your home in just a few minutes

In addition to these natural products, there are also some precautions to take to keep carpets and rugs clean and disinfected. For example, it is important to vacuum the rug(s) regularly and use a special brush to remove deep-seated dust and dirt. In addition, it is advisable not to walk on the carpets with shoes to avoid carrying dust and bacteria out of the house.

Cleaning carpets and rugs can be done with natural products such as white vinegar, dishwashing liquid and essential oils. These products are safe for health and the environment and can remove stubborn stains and bad odors.  The three products can be used together in a single solution with hot water in a basin, then it can be a perfect tool for cleaning your carpet or rug thanks to a microfiber cloth and a pot lid with button.

The cloth does not need to be soaked in water, as soon as the cover is placed on the microfiber cloth, the floor is rubbed and it dries quickly, leaving a fresh, clean smell. A similar system, but one that doesn’t require you to kneel on the floor, is to use a new broom with the same mixture every time and after vacuuming, dip the tip of the broom into the solution and “literally sweep” the rug or carpet. Finally we have refreshed the carpet and as a bonus we can perfume the house!