There is a natural insecticide that you can use to remove all parasites from your plants. Read on to find out how to do it. With a natural insecticide, you can always keep your plants free of parasites in a completely natural way.

Natural insecticide: what is it for?

If you prepare at home a natural insecticide against aphids and whiteflies, you can save money, but above all always have healthy plants. Aphids mainly attack the stems and leaves of our plants. Their attacks could prevent plants from germinating, flowering and reproducing. If the plant is infested with parasites, fertilization is almost useless. The first signs of this are immediately visible. Just watch the leaves, especially if they turn yellow. In fact, aphids suck the sap of the plant, preventing its growth and reproduction.

Natural insecticides are products used to control and manage insect infestations on crops or garden plants. Unlike synthetic chemical insecticides, natural insecticides are derived from natural sources such as plants, minerals or living organisms. They are used to protect plants from insect pests that can damage growth, reduce yield or spread disease.

The use of natural insecticides is part of sustainable agricultural practices that aim to reduce environmental impact and promote biodiversity. Organic farming, for example, relies on the use of natural insecticides and other integrated pest management solutions to grow crops sustainably.

How to prepare it:

The first ingredient you need to prepare the natural insecticide, is garlic in an amount of five cloves. These must be peeled and put in the blender. Add a small piece of onion and a generous portion of water and mix everything while the blender is running. To strengthen the solution, we add half a teaspoon of pepper. Any kind of pepper will do. We are not done here yet. Before mixing, you need to add a spoonful of dishwashing liquid to the solution. At this point, everything can be mixed to obtain a very effective liquid natural insecticide. In fact, it is able to kill all parasites.

After you are done mixing, put the obtained mixture in a container, add some water and mix everything well. Filter everything with the help of the sieve and put the liquid into a spray bottle. You can spray infested plants either in the early morning or in the late afternoon. Make sure that the sun is not too strong. The insecticide can be applied only once a week, precisely because it is very effective.

Keep in mind that natural insecticides are often considered safer, less toxic or irritating than chemical insecticides, reducing risks to human and animal health.