A badly screwed pen, a piece of clothing nearby – it doesn’t take much to leave a nice ink stain on your clothes that remains stubborn and hard to remove. Machine washing isn’t always enough to eradicate it completely. But don’t panic, we’ll tell you how to find your spotless clothes!

How to remove ink stains from fabrics?

Stains on clothes are a part of our daily lives. It’s not uncommon to leave marks on your fingers and clothes after a day. Some are more difficult to remove than others. This is the case with ink stains. It is not enough to put the clothes directly into the machine, they must be treated beforehand so that the stains disappear after washing. Ink stains can penetrate deep into the fabric and mix directly with the fibers of the clothes in question. A real problem that would almost make us get angry with fountain pens.

How to remove an ink stain with homemade tricks?

The more difficult the stains are to treat and remove, the more necessary it is to clean them before putting them in the washing machine. In supermarkets there are many products designed to treat the most stubborn stains, but we love recipes from grandmothers, natural tips that are less expensive. and generally, sometimes more effective! In addition, in the past, our grandmothers did not have conventional products to remove stains of any kind on clothing. They used natural ingredients to get rid of the most stubborn stains. Flour, for example, or simple breadcrumbs are known to absorb oil stains. Salt is also used to remove wine stains. But what’s the trick to neutralizing ink stains caused by your pens? We have the solution for you!

How to remove a dry ink stain from clothes?

You do not need to leave your home. You probably have everything you need already at home in your closets. The secret ingredient you should apply to your clothes before you put them in the washing machine is: alcohol.  We’re talking about alcohol, which is generally used to disinfect wounds or treat wounds to prevent bad bacteria. A few drops of alcohol on your clothes and voila, you can say goodbye to those crusty ink marks!

Take this product, the damaged fabric and follow the steps below:

  • Place your garment on a smooth surface and place it well in front of the stain you want to treat
  • Soak your stained fabric with a few drops of alcohol. You can also dilute alcohol with a little water (1/3 alcohol to 2/3 water).
  • Leave to soak for a good hour
  • Clean the stained area with lukewarm water and soap
  • Finally, put the garment in the washing machine and start washing.

How do I remove ballpoint pen ink stains from my clothes using the milk trick?

Besides alcohol drops, there is another effective trick that can help you remove your ink stains. You surely already have this product in your kitchen, in your refrigerator. The magic secret to achieve your goals and find clean clothes is nothing but milk! This grandmother’s method has long been proven and has saved tons of laundry. This natural product is especially effective when the ink stains have not yet dried and are still fresh.

Here are the steps to follow to properly clean your clothes and get a flawless result:

  • Dab the stained area with absorbent paper to blot the fabric a bit
  • Take a cloth soaked with lukewarm or hot, but especially not boiling milk
  • Rub the ink stain with this cloth. You can also place your garment directly in a bowl of milk, which must be renewed as soon as the color approaches the ink.
  • Put your garment in the washing machine and start washing!
  • Now you can say goodbye to ink stains that you thought were unbeatable! They will be just a distant memory of your greatest happiness! Now you know how to quickly make them disappear and find a clean and tidy laundry.