What is the best way to feed an orchid? This is the secret that is revealed by all experienced gardeners, and the orchid will thank you for this ingredient and will be very lush.

Orchid is not only beautiful and elegant, but it is a plant that requires constant care and great attention. The ideal location is a humid and sunny place, such as the laundry room or bathroom, and plenty of water for hydration, but too much that can rot the roots. In short, difficult and beautiful as never before, this is a plant that is loved by all for obvious reasons. Experienced gardeners have always used an ingredient to feed the plant that has never been disclosed. Finally, it has emerged so that everyone can use it for the domestic orchids.

The secret ingredient to nourish the orchid and make it very lush

If you have orchids at home, it is almost impossible to keep them as healthy as an expert in this field would. It is important to make the home environment graceful, as well as a healthy and lush bloom. Plants need important nutrients, especially orchids. Supplementation can be done with natural ingredients that can be found directly in the home. Not only that, in this particular case we are also talking about non-waste, precisely because we are using a particular ingredient that is normally thrown away as waste. The ingredients to be used are :

  • 1 quart Rice cooking water;
  • 0.5 tsp Monopodium glutamate ;
  • Spray bottle;

The procedure is very simple, in fact it is enough to take a basin and pour the cooking water directly into it, then add the glutamate. Mix well, mixing the ingredients. Then moisten the soil of the orchids with the magic solution obtained and pour the liquid into the spray bottle so that the leaves and stem can also be wetted.

What are the properties of rice water?

Rice cooking water is valuable for all plants, especially orchids. The compound can be used for watering, always making sure to wet the leaves and stem. Obviously, this must be done every two weeks to get all the nutrients the plant needs without ever overdoing it. This is especially important when the plant is not in a state of rest. There are also very important conditions of use. In fact, it is important that the rice cooking water is not salty. If it has been slated for rice preparation, it should never be used to water the plant, as you risk affecting its growth and well-being. It is important not only that the cooking water is completely cooled. The use of hot or boiling water could kill the plant and would be a great harm.

This is a method that is rich in properties and nutrients for the plant itself, if used in the best way, as the experts in the industry.