If you have no idea how best to clean your bathroom, check out these quick and easy ideas. These are little tricks that will help you clean your bathroom in just 5 minutes and make it shiny and bright at the same time. “Secrets” within everyone’s reach, you will see. You will notice an incredible difference right away.

How to clean the bathroom in a few moves

Have you ever wondered how to clean your shower, toilet and sink, in a matter of moments, using just what you normally have in your home? Make your bathroom clean and shiny. Here are 3 ways to succeed in the task safely:

  • SINK

The first thing to do is to sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda over your bathroom sink. After that, pour in vinegar as well, and then add a few drops of essential oil. Lightly wet your sponge with water, and then scrub the surface of your tub. After that, rinse thoroughly with a dry cloth. The result? A cleanliness and scent you’ve never seen before!


To clean the wall drain of your toilet, open the cistern and insert a dishwasher tablet inside. This way, each time you flush, your capsule will gradually dissolve. In addition to cleaning up, this method will be useful to you because of the great smell that will be released. If you wish, you can enhance the effectiveness of this system with a few drops of essential oil or a little softener.


If you have no idea how to clean the shower stall properly and quickly, you can resort to an unthinkable ingredient: baby oil. Spray the oil on the glass and run a dry microfiber cloth over it. This way, the limescale will go away without a problem.