Fingerprints, toothpaste splatters and dust: mirrors look dirty after only a short time. To finally see clearly again, we have the best and most effective tips for cleaning mirrors for you. So, your mirrors will be really clean and streak-free!

Why do mirrors get dirty?

We all love shiny mirrors: whether in the bathroom, the hallway, the bedroom or the guest toilet. A cleanly cleaned mirror not only brings fun to you and your family, but also leaves guests feeling clean. However, dust, fingerprints, various splashes, water stains, makeup or hairspray quickly turn a shiny mirror into a dull dirty surface. A streak-free mirror definitely makes more of an impression – but how do you get it so clean?

Cleaning mirrors without streaks: Here’s how to do it right

With our step-by-step instructions, you’ll clean your mirror perfectly – and without streaks, guaranteed.

  • Prepare: Preparation is everything! Carefully clear away everything that is underneath your mirror. Keep cleaning products, a lint-free cloth and fresh water handy.
  • First wash: Wet a cotton pad and wipe it over the mirror. This will loosen coarse dirt and stains.
  • Fine-tuning: If heavier dirt is still visible, you can use a cleaning agent such as methylated spirits or shaving foam. But be careful with this: cleaning agents like to leave streaks.
  • Finishing: Then wet a suitable cloth and wipe over the mirror again. Tip: Cotton swabs are handy in difficult places such as corners.
  • Drying: Rub the mirror dry with a microfiber cloth. This way, no streaks remain on the surface.

Cleaning mirrors: The best tips

We recommend a lint-free cotton cloth, a microfiber cloth or a chamois to clean mirrors without streaks. It is better to avoid using other cloths. When it comes to cleaning agents, less is more, so avoid using chemical pistols. A little rinse aid, a squeeze of lemon juice or washing-up liquid is usually enough to remove heavy soiling. A good cloth and water will do the rest. Glass cleaner and kitchen roll were yesterday: With our technique described above, you can clean mirrors like a pro. You can also get fogged windows or other glass surfaces clear again in this way.

How often do you have to clean mirrors?

Unfortunately, the mirror already looks dirty again two to three days after cleaning. Therefore, it is quite advisable to clean the mirror once a week. If you don’t mind a little dust and a few fingerprints, you can of course clean your mirror just once a month.

The best home remedies for mirrors

Today, mirrors are cleaned with home remedies – you’re guaranteed to already have them somewhere at home.

  • Alcohol and methylated spirits: Simply apply the high-percentage agents to a cloth and treat the stains with them. Wiping or drying is not necessary.
  • Lemon: Rubbing lemon slices into your dull mirror will make it shiny again. Wipe with water and then dry with a clean cloth.
  • Rinse aid: Rinse aid in combination with warm water is unbeatable against dirty mirrors.
  • Rinsing agent: Rinsing agent is effective and powerful when it comes to cleaning the mirror. With a little warm water, it unfolds its full strength and is guaranteed to remove even hairspray.
  • Shaving foam: Cover the mirror completely with shaving foam and leave it on for a few minutes. It works wonders, I promise! Remove foam with kitchen towels, no wiping is necessary.

Do not use these products

What you should definitely not resort to, on the other hand, are the following home remedies:

  • Newspaper
  • Potatoes
  • Glass cleaner
  • vinegar

The home remedies just mentioned are often declared as miracle weapons against dirty mirrors. In reality, however, they have the opposite effect. They not only damage or discolor mirrors, but also rob the silver layer of its shine.

Blind mirrors: This helps

Some mirrors become cloudy or blind over time. One cause of this can be direct sunlight. So, it’s best to avoid placing mirrors in such places. If it has already come to this, then linseed oil helps. Rub the mirror with a little linseed oil, let it soak in and then wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth. Dampened nettles can also help with a blind mirror. Simply rub your mirror with it and polish it up with a dry cloth.