Seeds, soil, water and sun. It is the recipe for the growth of plants, vegetables. And it does not necessarily have to be implemented only in the vegetable garden. Find out how you can use the leftovers from your kitchen to grow fruits and vegetables right at home!

An avocado pit, the top of a pineapple, a piece of onion, the seeds of cucumber and those of lemon. Fruits and vegetables always contain the necessary elements to regenerate and grow again, you just have to know how to recognize them and make the most of them.

This is the case of the avocado pit, which is enough to soak half of it for a few months before transferring it to the ground. Or the onion, whose waste you can plant directly in a pot of soil, as well as the seeds of cucumber and lemon. What are you waiting for? Choose the vegetables you prefer and find out how to grow them directly at home or on the balcony !