With this simple natural remedy, orchids grow healthy and strong and always produce magnificent flowers: try it and believe it.

Entering a house and admiring the rooms decorated with magnificent flowers is undoubtedly a very pleasant experience, and not only for the eyes. In fact, some plants not only add color and brightness to the home, but can also give off an intoxicating scent that reaches virtually every corner of the house. For this reason, many people choose to grow plants not only in the garden or on the balcony, but also indoors. The most popular green friends are certainly orchids, which are found more and more often indoors.

Orchids always in good health with this natural solution: all the steps

Orchids are very elegant plants that give off beautiful flowers and a really pleasant scent. However, for them to always be healthy and constantly produce their wonderful flowers, it is necessary to take care of them carefully and never lack the necessary nutrition.

To achieve this goal, many resort to certain chemicals available in specialized stores. In fact, you can ensure that orchids grow strong and healthy by choosing excellent natural remedies.

Once all the flowers have bloomed, you must first “lighten” the orchid by cutting off the branches where the flowers are not growing. We will apply white cement to the cut so that the cuts are disinfected and can heal quickly.

The next step is to take a tomato, cut it in half, then slice it further. Why the tomato?

This vegetable is rich in beneficial properties, including vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. The tomato is therefore a perfect food to allow orchids to grow very quickly.

Put the tomato cut into small pieces in a tall glass and fill it with water (about 300 ml). Let’s mix everything to obtain a liquid solution, which we will then filter through a sieve into another container.

In this container, where we have already put the solution, we add more water to obtain a liter of tomato juice. At this point we can take two routes to ensure good nutrition for our orchids.

It doesn’t take much to grow your orchids: here’s how

The first method involves soaking cotton balls in the solution you have just prepared. Cotton wool soaked in tomato juice should be wrapped around the branch that we initially cut and hook it with a hair clip or pliers.

This process should be repeated every seven days to ensure the buds always stay moist. Every other day, it is possible to water the flowering branches with a little water to ensure the right humidity.

The second method also involves soaking cotton balls in tomato juice, but for a different purpose. In this case, we actually pass the disk over the leaves of the plant and rub them carefully and gently.

The tomato is a vegetable with many antioxidant and antibacterial properties, so the leaves can only benefit from them. Rather, this process should be carried out every two weeks to always have green and healthy leaves.