Whether used for drying dishes, wiping hands, or cleaning certain kitchen surfaces, kitchen towels quickly discolor and become veritable nests of germs. Fortunately, there’s an unexpected product that can help you clean and brighten them in no time. We’ll tell you all about it.

Wiping down cooking splashes or other spills quickly soaks kitchen towels with traces of oil and grease. That’s why it’s a good idea to use multiple dish towels in the kitchen: one for drying your hands, another for dishes, and a third for cleaning the kitchen counter. This will make them less likely to get dirty.

What trick to use to loosen and brighten kitchen towels?

There is an unexpected way to clean dirty kitchen towels. It is an effective alternative to conventional detergent that can be used during a normal wash cycle.

  • Wash kitchen towels with dishwashing tabs

It can be a good idea to add a dishwashing tab to your washing machine to clean your utensil. However, it can also have a completely different use in terms of laundry care. It is quite possible to use it to clean kitchen towels that are dirty and stained with grease. To do this, simply replace the usual detergent with a tablet and start the machine. However, it is recommended to set the machine to the cotton program at a temperature of 190 degrees to eliminate all bacteria. Note that the tablet can be put directly into the drum before you start washing. If you do not want to wash the dish towels in the washing machine, soak them in a basin of hot water and dishwasher detergent.

More tips for cleaning and sanitizing kitchen towels

Like dishwashing tabs, other agents can be used to breathe life back into kitchen towels and restore their bright whiteness. Generally, a dish towel should be changed every 2 days. The frequency of cleaning depends largely on the frequency of use.

  • Clean the tea towel with bar soap

To remove grease stains on a kitchen towel, bar soap can be used. This natural and economical product effectively removes dirt from fabrics. Simply wet the towel and then rub the soiled area with this product. It is therefore advisable to leave it on for about 30 minutes before rubbing again and rinsing with clean water.

  • Dip the tea towels in hot water with baking soda

If bar soap alone is not enough, complete the wash by soaking the yellowed cloth in a mixture of hot water and baking soda. This white powder has a degreasing and brightening effect on the textiles to be cleaned. Let the solution soak for an hour before rubbing it with your hands. For a perfect result, it is possible to finish the wash in the washing machine.

  • Pre-wash the dish towels with a solution based on soda crystals

If the kitchen towels are very dirty, you can immerse them in a basin of lukewarm water mixed with soda crystals. This product, known for its washing, brightening and disinfecting properties, gives yellowed dish towels a second life and helps you neutralize bad odors on textiles. Let them sit for an hour and then rub them by hand before putting them in the washing machine.

  • Wash kitchen towels with hydrogen peroxide

This last tip is to use hydrogen peroxide to clean and brighten kitchen linens. Simply pour an equal amount of water and hydrogen peroxide into the sink. Then soak the laundry and let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing.

Washing kitchen rags can be a real chore. The secret is to pre-wash them with natural and effective solutions before putting them in the washing machine. To keep them at their best, you must be careful to keep your kitchen clean, so they do not absorb odors and moisture, and dry them well between each use.