Are you part of the team that never tears the labels in the clothes? Well done, we congratulate you. And we invite everyone else to get used to keeping them. Even if they seem cumbersome, these pieces of fabric are by no means useless, as they are full of advice on how to properly care for your clothes! Temperature, products, drying, ironing … These labels say more than you think. But it is still necessary to know how to decode all the symbols correctly, that goes without saying. Exactly, quick question: do you know what the “triangle” symbol on these labels means? NO? Go ahead, we will help you better decode all these washing pictograms to simplify your task.

How to read the label of a garment?

What do you think is the secret to keeping your wardrobe as long as possible? Proper and correct washing, of course. If you are used to running a program randomly, it is at your own risk, it may work or it may affect your clothes. But why go there randomly? Did not you know that each label contains a whole series of symbols that will help you better determine the washing methods for the perfect care of your clothes? In addition, there is one piece of advice: the more fragile and delicate the fabric, the greater the risk of damaging it if you do not follow the instructions carefully. The problem: you cannot understand all the icons presented. Do not worry, we will take care of you.

  • Meaning of the triangle or the triangle with a cross through it

Take, for example, this famous white triangle that fascinates you so much. In fact, it just means that you can safely use all kinds of products to clean and bleach fabrics. If the triangle is crossed out with two diagonal lines, it means that you must refrain from using chlorine or bleach. If it is crossed out with two diagonal lines, in this case you should rely only on cleaning with products containing oxygen.

  •  Dryer symbols on labels

So, if you see a nicely drawn circle inside a square, that’s the dryer symbol. Again, if it’s crossed out, that means it’s forbidden to machine dry this piece, so you’ll have to resort to air drying. Also pay attention to the dots in the middle of the circle: they indicate the maximum temperature to use so as not to damage the garment when drying. Well, it’s not complicated, one dot indicates a maximum drying temperature of 140 °F and two dots emphasize a higher temperature of no more 175 °F. If you see a horizontal line under the symbol, this symbol indicates gentle drying. If there are two, the drying must be even gentler.

  • Ironing symbols

Important step: the symbol representing the iron will help you to iron. Therefore, it is very easy to recognize, you just need to pay attention to the dots inside the symbol. What do they represent? Again, this refers to the maximum temperature. One dot means that you should not exceed 230 °F, two dots mean that you should iron at 302 °F and three dots indicate that you can reach up to 390 °F. If this symbol is crossed out with a cross, it is obvious that the garment in question should not be ironed. It is probably made of delicate or synthetic fibers.

Which logo indicates that washing in the washing machine is prohibited?

Yes, it often happens, especially with some very delicate fabrics, that there are labels without a machine wash symbol. We imagine that you probably already know, it is a tank or a bucket. If there is a hand on it, it means that the fabric should preferably be washed by hand (maximum temperature 140 °F), and if the sign is completely crossed out, you should categorically avoid the machine. If there are two horizontal lines under the bucket, select a gentle wash program (the more lines, the higher the sensitivity). A single line indicates the use of a synthetic program. And if there is no line at all, it is a normal wash cycle for cotton. On the other hand, if you notice dots in the bucket, these are laundry symbols indicating the maximum washing temperatures.