If orchids you recently purchased are starting to lose their flowers, or if you have one that hasn’t bloomed in a while, the tips we offer in this article will do the trick.

Orchid flowers can have a wide variety of shapes and colors, but what they all have in common is an extraordinary delicacy. Our homes are certainly not the ideal environment for orchids, which is why they must be given special care.

Indeed, to stay alive, the orchid needs conditions similar to those of its natural habitat. This helps prevent flowers from falling and the plant from dying prematurely.

Lemon juice helps us in this regard. In addition to being rich in minerals and vitamins, it provides a more acidic soil, which is ideal for orchids. Below we offer 3 ways to use lemon juice to treat orchids.

  • Tip 1

Prepare a powerful fertilizer to prevent the orchid’s roots from rotting and to encourage its flowering.

Mix 3,5 oz of lemon juice with 34 oz of water. Water the orchid with this solution once every 6 weeks. Lemon will help prolong the life of the plant and keep insects and fungi away.

  • Tip 2

This tip is very effective in making the orchid leaves shine, making them healthier and more pleasant to look at.

Squeeze the juice of a few lemons and soak a cotton ball with it. Apply it to the leaves, without exaggerating. The appearance of the orchid leaves will improve after a few days.

  • Tip 3

Pour a little water and the juice of 3-4 lemons onto a plate. Place the orchid pot on the plate so that it can absorb this solution. It takes about 30 minutes.

This tip should be repeated twice a week and is very useful to give a “boost” to the plant and make the flowers last longer.