Foil and sugar are indispensable in the home because they allow us to prepare food well and appetizing, so they are never missing in the pantry.

Foil paper is generally used to cook food in the oven to keep it moist and not dry out, with the aim of slow, gentle cooking suitable for both first and second courses of meat and fish. Instead, sugar allows us to prepare delicious desserts and more. But beware, because both can be useful in other situations, for example, to improve psychophysical performance by providing an important and interesting energy supply to the brain.

The higher the blood sugar level rises, the more perfect will be the performance of the following hours. Of course, we must not overdo it, because especially if you suffer from certain diseases (such as diabetes), glucose can damage or endanger the body. Among other things, it is advisable to use raw sugar instead of refined sugar, which is much more harmful.

Then remove the aluminum and the sugar is completely free of lumps, perfect for any recipe without problems. Alternatively, you can put the sugar in the microwave with a bowl full of water, this will keep it moist and in a few seconds it will be perfect.

How to prevent sugar from becoming hard

Even if these remedies solve the problem of sugar lumps, the best advice you can give is, of course, to prevent it. Here’s how: Take the sugar bowl and put a marshmallow in it that will not change the taste of the sugar, keeping it powdered.

Of course, to avoid hardening and lumps, it must be kept in an airtight container, even better if it is first poured into a plastic bag and then put into the container.

If it does not come into contact with air, the sugar will remain perfect, will not harden and will retain its sandy and soft texture and its caramelized and sweet taste over time.

Brown sugar or refined sugar? How to choose

There are those who prefer brown sugar, and those who prefer white sugar, according to researchers  there is no difference between the two types of sugar. For example, we are used to hearing that white sugar is more harmful than raw sugar. In reality, the molecule of both is identical, namely sucrose, so there is no difference. The only thing that can harm the body and therefore health is the excessive consumption of sugar, both one and the other,

How is sugar transformed after opening?

Anyway, anyone who has a sugar bowl at home, and probably everyone in the world, will have noticed that sugar, especially raw sugar, forms annoying lumps inside due to moisture, which can become a sugar bowl obstacle depending on your cooking needs.

To solve this inconvenience, as absurd as it may seem, simply use aluminum foil. It is a remedy that comes directly from our grandfathers and grandmothers, passed from generation to generation for several years and really works.

Grandmother’s method to get rid of lumps

What follows is a pretty handy tool that you can use to break up the lumps once and for all, and make sure that the sugar goes back to the way it was before, as if it had just been taken out of its original packaging. Here’s what to do: Take the sugar and place it in the foil. Put the two elements in the oven at 300 °F for a few minutes.