Geraniums are not without controversy, but still belong to the most popular flowers in the garden and balcony design. In order for the plants to bloom vigorously and for as long as possible, they need the right care and a suitable fertilizer. But if you want to do without chemicals, you can fertilize your geraniums with the following home remedies. Geraniums are useless for bees, but in combination with other flowers you can plant them on your balcony or in the garden without hesitation. To fertilize geraniums, you just need one of the following home remedies, which can be found in almost every kitchen anyway.

Fertilize geraniums with home remedies

  1. Fertilize geraniums with milk

Milk contains not only calcium, but also other important nutrients. Therefore, it is ideal for fertilizing geraniums. To make a natural fertilizer, mix one part milk with three to four parts water. Water your geraniums once a month with the mixture to enjoy vibrant blooms. Milk contains many nutrients and is great for fertilizing geraniums.

  1. Use baker’s yeast as fertilizer

Bakers’ yeast is said to prolong the flowering period of geraniums and at the same time accelerate the development of buds. To do this, simply dissolve 10 g of dry yeast in a quart of water and add a pinch of sugar. The sugar will enhance the effect of the yeast a little more. Fertilize your plants with this mixture once a month in spring, when the flowering starts. In summer it is better to use a nitrogenous fertilizer.

  1. Banana peels for geraniums

Bananas contain many vitamins and minerals. But their peel also contains important nutrients, such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Banana peels are therefore perfect as fertilizer for various plants – including geraniums. These benefit especially from the calcium, which is also contained in the peels. So, you can enjoy a lush bloom. However, banana peels contain little nitrogen, which is why they are only suitable as an additional fertilizer.

To fertilize your geraniums with banana peels, follow these steps: Let the peels of seven to eight organic bananas dry in the sun for a few days. Then process the dried banana peels in a blender to a fine powder. Mix the powder with a teaspoon of Epsom salt and four quarts of water. Water your geraniums every three weeks with the banana peel fertilizer. Dried banana peels make a good fertilizer for geraniums.

By the way, coffee grounds have proven to be a nitrogenous fertilizer. Either add the powder directly to the potting soil or dissolve it in a little water first. This is a natural way to ensure that your plants bloom vigorously.