It’s easy to get stale air in your home during the winter when the windows are closed, and these plants will help you clean up the environment. In nature, there are plants that absorb moisture from the environment and can help you eliminate condensation in your home.

Consumed air at home, what are the causes?

High humidity in the home leads to the development of foul odors, mold and fungi, which can lead to serious respiratory diseases. However, nature is wise and helps us fight this type of problem with natural remedies available to us, such as dehumidifying plants that absorb humidity, prevent the spread of moisture in the house and also decorate the room and improve visual comfort.

What plants purify the air?

Let’s look at which houseplants are best able to absorb moisture from the environment and at the same time help to eliminate moisture adhering to walls, floors and ceilings:

  • Orchids

The orchid does not need to be in a pot to live. In addition, it absorbs water from its environment through its roots. However, it should be noted that the orchid should be placed in a bright place and wetted with low-lime water about once a week. With a few simple measures, you can maintain not only good growth, but also a long flowering. In addition, this plant is able to absorb heavy air and bad odors, thus purifying the environment. By absorbing moisture from the air, the roots strengthen, so the orchid should be placed in humid rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Fern

In this case, it is a plant with long, shiny leaves and an elegant appearance. The fern is able to filter impure air and pollutants, helping to purify the air in the house. In addition, it neutralizes unpleasant odors caused by moisture accumulation. Babylonian fern is another plant species that absorbs moisture from the air and acts as a dehumidifying plant, much appreciated for its eye-catching leaves. This plant can also be planted in a pot, but you need to place it high up so that the leaves do not spread too much.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, a succulent, has been used medicinally for centuries. This unique plant reduces humidity, can be grown indoors all year round and looks great in any environment with its green and striking leaves. Aloe vera plants require very little attention, making them ideal low-maintenance companions for life: simply place them in a sunny spot and water them every few weeks.

  • Azalea

The colorfulness of flowering azaleas is impressive with an abundance of bright colors. Inflorescences purple, violet, crimson, snow white, violet. Therefore, one of the plants that can naturally purify the air in the house is azalea. It is a plant that grows in winter and prefers humid climates and/or places.


Therefore, it is by nature a natural dehumidifier, which we can place in the rooms of the house where there is a higher humidity. For this reason, it is able to neutralize all bad odors and at the same time spread a good smell in the house.