If you want to save money, stop using this device: in summer it is useless. Let’s see together what the most sustainable alternative is.

Money and home appliances Money and home appliances

We’ve been in the middle of the summer season for a little over a month now. Temperatures have risen and will continue to rise, reaching and well exceeding 104 degrees Fahrenheit. When these extreme temperatures make themselves felt, it is normal to take action and avoid all the consequences of excessive heat. We turn on air conditioners, fans, etc. The basic problem is that the bills can be very high even in summer if we do not pay attention to some details.

It is commonly believed that electricity bills are much more expensive in winter than in summer season. However, this is not the case: even in summer, the risk of very high bills is very high. If on the one hand we save by not using radiators and appliances that heat the environment, on the other hand we consume with those that cool them. However, there is a way to cut the bill in half: Just stop using an appliance that you can do without. In addition, it is important that you know a foolproof way to save on air conditioning. Here’s what it is.

Electricity bills in the summer: the device that drives up the bills

As mentioned earlier, in theory we should save on our electric bills in the summer. The days are longer and natural light accompanies us until 8 or 9 pm; radiators are a distant memory, as is the hair dryer. This winter we faced a very sharp increase in bill prices. The rise in inflation that has hit our country has led to a series of increases. Electricity has seen one of the largest price increases in recent years: we are talking about about 65% more than normal.

This means that we have learned to manage our electricity and energy consumption, with the goal of paying less money each month or quarter. We have learned all the tricks to avoid unnecessary waste, and now we need to apply the same considerations to this summer season. Electricity bills no longer show these unusual prices, but it is good to continue to pay attention to our energy consumption. In the summer, we can make successful choices every day: By giving up something and changing something else, we can save a lot of money. Let’s dive deeper into this together.

In summer we do this: the bill is cut in half

Nowadays we are surrounded by all sorts and imaginable conveniences and are used to relying on increasingly complete and sophisticated devices. These are machines that make our daily housework easier and save us a lot of work and effort.

One of them is the dryer, an extremely practical device. Thanks to the dryer, we no longer have to hang all our clothes on clothes racks and clothespins. With the dryer we can put all the wet clothes inside: its task is to dry them in a few minutes.

Laundry dryer in the summer

After that, we only need to iron the completely dry clothes. This very practical device is extremely powerful, and its energy consumption is very high. If we want to save money in the summer, it is best not to use it. When we hang our clothes outside, they are completely dry in a very short time. In this heat, a quarter of an hour is enough. Yes, it is not as convenient as the dryer, but to see such a low amount on your bill is priceless. In addition, by setting the dehumidification mode on our air conditioner, we can significantly reduce the impact on the bill. Not everyone knows it, but it’s a mode that provides significant electricity savings.