This is what happens when you shower without shower gel…

A hot shower after a tiring day is simply worth its weight in gold! But showering every day? Excessive skin care can increase the risk of skin disease. You should always clean yourself thoroughly, but showering too much or too poorly can damage your skin. Read here why you should shower without soap in future.

We shower too much :

Many of us do it every day: take a shower! But washing too often and using scented soap can seriously damage the skin’s natural acidic protective layer. This normally acts as a barrier against foreign substances, pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

But does it really make sense to leave only water on the skin and forgo all other products? Doctors say yes! For many, it’s probably an unrealistic idea, because you can’t really feel clean with water alone. But reality is deceptive.

Dermatologist Yael Adler says: “You absolutely can’t shower with anything but water. Everything that has to go, goes – from dust to sweat or scales. Even urine is water-soluble”.

People with very sensitive skin, or suffering from skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, can particularly benefit from a soap-free shower. By dispensing with harsh ingredients, the skin can regenerate and rebuild its natural barrier.

If you must shower, do it properly

As a general rule, you should only shower every other day. If you still want to shower every day because of sport or work, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. If you have to use shower gel, simply soap only the parts of your body that really need it. These are your armpits, feet and the area between your breasts. Make sure you use a pH-neutral soap and avoid perfumes, glitter and colors.

Dear women, be careful! Don’t soap your private parts. Infections are inevitable! Only water is allowed in this area.

And your water should never be too hot. No matter how tempting it may seem in winter temperatures, water that’s too hot destroys the skin barrier the most. With these tips, there’s nothing to stop you taking a gentle yet cleansing shower. You can also wash your hair without soap.