Have you ever glued sanitary towels to your washing machine? Here, I’ll show you why you should definitely do just that!

Have you ever thought of sticking sanitary Napkins on your washing machine? Probably not, but sanitary Napkins can help you clean your washing machine properly.

After all, you’ll find a lot of dirt, particularly around the rubber seal on your door, which you’ll need to remove over time. This works best if you manage to soften the dirt well, as it’s usually already quite stuck there.

To do this, first apply a cleaner of your choice to the pad. Then clip the bandage into the rubber seal on the door. The cleaner should now be hung where you find a lot of dirt.

Leave to soak for a while, remove the bandages and then wipe again with a damp cloth. This allows you to completely remove the dissolved dirt. This is how you can get your washing machine really clean again. Give it a try.