This is why you should NEVER dry your hair in the bathroom…

Washing, drying and styling your hair: the bathroom is undoubtedly the ideal place for this – isn’t it? Here we explain why it’s better to dry your hair in another room.

Don’t dry your hair in the bathroom

Everyone knows that you should never dry your hair near a full bathtub. This mistake could put your life in danger. However, the reason why you should generally move the hairdryer to another room in the future has nothing to do with your own safety.
For this reason, you should not dry your hair in the bathroom.

After showering, bathing or washing your hair, the humidity in the bathroom is particularly high. If you then stay in the bathroom or dry your hair there, the high humidity encourages frizz.

The hair may be dry after drying, but tiny particles of moisture continue to float around the room. These then settle on the freshly dried hair and cause frizz.

But there’s another reason why you shouldn’t blow-dry your hair in the bathroom. Because of the high humidity in the bathroom, hair takes much longer to dry. This is because new moisture particles are deposited on your hair as it dries. As a result, you have to use the hair dryer for longer, which both damages your hair severely and costs electricity unnecessarily.

Dry your hair properly

It’s best to dry your hair after washing with a towel or microfiber cloth. Then let it air-dry a little, and blow-dry it in the hallway or salon. You shouldn’t blow-dry your hair in the bedroom either. When you dry and style your hair, you not only lose hair, but also flakes. This increases dust formation and attracts dust mites. These can be the cause of poor sleep.
To reduce humidity in the bathroom as quickly as possible after showering or shampooing, there’s only one solution: air it out! It’s best to leave the fan running for a few minutes. Even better: if your bathroom has a window, open it for a few minutes. You can then dry your hair in the bathroom without fear of a curly hairstyle. If you want to play it safe, it’s best to use the hairdryer in the hallway or living room.