Have you ever put a chestnut tree behind your door? – Here I will show you why you should do it!

In autumn, chestnuts can be found on almost every walk. But instead of leaving them lying around, you should grab a few and take them home. Because you can do something awesome with them.

But you have to open the chestnuts a little for that to happen. So either mark them or open them a little with a nutcracker or hammer. Because you can then place them behind your doors or on the windowsill.

Unfortunately, spiders don’t smell chestnuts at all and avoid these places. So here’s how to make sure spiders don’t enter your home! Therefore, place them wherever spiders could enter the apartment.

After about 1 month, you should replace the chestnuts with new ones, as the effect fades considerably after this period. Be sure to try this brilliant tip on yourself.