A home without green plants can feel empty and lifeless. Therefore, it is no wonder that many of us decorate our walls with various houseplants. After all, plants give every room a cozy and lively atmosphere.

As true plant lovers, we have already shared numerous brilliant tricks on how to keep houseplants happy and healthy. But here comes a completely new method:

Do you already know the mayo trick?

Have you ever noticed that over time your plants lose their natural shine and the leaves look dull and dry? Gardening experts have an unusual but extremely effective solution to this problem: mayonnaise.

All you have to do is put a small amount of mayonnaise on a clean piece of paper towel and then gently treat the leaves of your plants with it. The thin layer of fat, vinegar and egg yolk in the mayonnaise gives the leaves a new shine for weeks. But be careful! There are a few things to consider:

This is what you should pay attention to when doing the mayo trick

Although the vinegar in mayonnaise actually has cleaning properties for the plants, you should use the mayonnaise sparingly. An excess of mayonnaise can clog the leaf pores and harm the plant. Additionally, experts recommend wiping the leaves regularly with a clean, dry cotton cloth to prevent possible mold growth on the plant.

The mayonnaise trick may seem strange, but it can be a simple and effective way to give your green plants a new lease of life. With the right dosage and care, your houseplants will soon shine in all their splendor and become true pieces of jewelry in your home. What’s your ultimate trick for healthy houseplants?