What is needed for our plants to bloom profusely is a powerful natural fertilizer that helps even plants that no longer produce flowers. In particular, some products have incredible properties that must be administered to plants to grow lush, let’s find out what it is.

More beautiful and decorative plants

Plants are an indispensable decorative element when we want to give a very cheerful green or colorful touch to our home or garden. Plants generally don’t care where they grow – they thrive if the conditions are right. Of course, the ” right” conditions vary from plant to plant. But to make them look perfect and decorate every corner properly, it’s important to keep them in good condition and give them the care they need. You don’t have to spend too much on special products or be a garden expert to make sure they are in perfect condition both indoors and outdoors.

Flowers, and generally any plants that live outdoors, can be attacked by various types of insects that eat the plant, as well as the dreaded aphid. Chemical pesticides are the most common option to kill them, but they are very aggressive to the environment. It is better to prevent deterioration by using simple homemade recipes that easily expel parasites. When plants do not grow optimally, they are manifested by the fact that their color becomes dull, their leaves lose strength or turn yellow or stop flowering. In these cases, all that is necessary may not be done, but to make them feel good, you may need to apply an ad hoc treatment.

Powerful natural fertilizer

When decorating your home with plants, don’t let aesthetic values be your only guide. Not all houseplants can be in the same place. Also, some plants are more resistant to the amount of light they receive than others. Each plant has certain characteristics and not all of them need the same care. The same goes for risks. Some work almost autonomously with little water, while others need more frequent water.

In general, however, if houseplants are kept at home, they need to be fertilized naturally, in addition to watering. It is good to remember that it is optimal if the soil of the plant is always somewhat moist (not wet). A strong natural fertilizer is worm humus, also called worm humus, which is the result of the decomposition of organic matter. It is rich in organic matter as well as: Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, magnesium. These are nutrients that the plant needs to grow and thrive. Let’s see how much and how to use it.

For its use, we pour 2 quarts of water in a bucket and 4 tablespoons of humus, which must be well dissolved. Once ready and after mixing in the water, the plants are watered with this organic fertilizer and not only those in pots. This treatment should be done every 15 days, because what makes the plant bloom is the frequency with which the fertilizer is used. To see the results, you can try to use it every 15 days for three consecutive months. At the end of the treatment, you will have gorgeous flowers and better, healthier roots. Worm humus can be purchased at any store dedicated to the sale of plants or floriculture, at a very reasonable price.