Silverfish are crawling insects that are often found in dark, damp corners of the home, especially in the bathroom. Even though they are not harmful, they are still considered pests and we can do well without their presence. Here’s how to get rid of them naturally.

Silverfish roam dark, damp areas like attics, basements and bathrooms. The good news is that you can ward them off with homemade solutions without using chemicals, which can be toxic and expensive. If you’ve identified one or more of these pests in your bathroom or other rooms of the house, the repellent solution we’re sharing may be the answer to the problem. This will not only make your home free of these pests, but will also make it smell good.

How to get rid of silverfish in the bathroom?

Since they can always find refuge in different corners of the bathroom, these little insects are not always easy to get rid of from the house. Before proceeding to the repellent trick, it is first necessary to condemn the gaps and the cracks, possibly with plaster. Also remember to limit the amount of cosmetics in the bathroom, and be sure to clean the bathroom regularly.  With these steps, let’s move on to the trick that interests us: The principle of the trick is simple. It consists in exploiting the scents that silverfish do not like. These are, for example, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, lemon juice or even lavender. For example, you can put lavender in small tulle bags to put in your bathroom cabinets. This is a technique that is also effective against moths.  Another option is to soak a clean cloth in lemon juice and use it to wipe down the tiles in the room. Ingredients such as cinnamon or rosemary you can sprinkle in the cabinets, but also in the cracks. Cloves are known to repel many insects.

Repel silverfish with lavender spray

If silverfish especially infest the bathroom, you can mix lavender with another natural ingredient for more effectiveness. What you’ll need:

  • Lemon juice
  • 1 cup of water
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Spray bottle

Add lemon juice and lavender essential oil to the 1 cup of water. After mixing the ingredients, pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle, which you then spray on all the areas where you have identified the silverfish. Its smell is strong and unbearable enough for pests to flee. Lavender is also one of the best ways to keep them away from the house. Also note that the trick is not only effective, but also safe. In this regard, you may also be interested in the various plants to repel insects.