Summer is here and with it comes pesky mosquitoes. The buzzing bloodsuckers can quickly turn any outdoor activity into an itchy ordeal. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to driving mosquitoes away, here comes the solution.

Why do mosquitoes suck our blood

Female mosquitoes suck blood to obtain the proteins needed for the development of their eggs. Blood meals are essential to the reproductive cycle of female mosquitoes. While male mosquitoes feed primarily on nectar and plant juices, females require additional nutrients to produce eggs.

Mosquito on the hand

While sucking blood is necessary for mosquitoes to ensure they reproduce, it is also why they are such a nuisance to us humans. The enzyme in the mosquito’s proboscis often leaves itchy, irritated skin after the bite. In some cases, the bites can even cause allergic reactions. But that’s over now!

Drive away mosquitoes with home remedies

With a simple “weapon” we can do something against mosquitoes and keep the pests at bay. The best thing about it: you only need two ingredients, which are also completely natural. What you need:

  • Limes
  • Cloves
  • Knife

All you need to do is cut a lime in half and stick some cloves into the pulp. The intense smell will very quickly drive away mosquitoes, so you can sit carefree on the balcony or in the garden. Mosquitoes don’t like citrus fruits or cloves; the combination will drive them crazy and make them quickly run away.

If you are allergic to the bites, you should generally avoid mosquito-filled regions around standing water. Long clothing and, in case of emergency, chemical insect repellent can also help. Now you know the perfect emergency tip when mosquitoes disturb your relaxation again.