For your orchid to thrive optimally, you can rely on a simple and quick method: Here’s how.

With the arrival of the spring season, we experience an explosion of nature, with flowers and plants that return to conquer the cities. So many decide to enrich their gardens and home interiors with some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Among them is certainly the orchid, a wonderful flower that manages to add a lot of color to all rooms. It is no coincidence that orchids are chosen to decorate homes, but also offices, professional studios and various workplaces. In addition to their undeniable beauty, orchids also emit an intoxicating fragrance that spreads to every corner of the house.

With this simple method, your orchid will always bloom

How to make the orchid bloom in all four seasons? This question is often asked by lovers of the green thumb, because sometimes orchids can have problems with flowering. To ensure that this magnificent flower always blooms, it requires the utmost care, constant watering and fertilizing. Many opt for some fertilizers that can be easily found on the market. However, the advice is to choose instead a natural product that is easy to make and, above all, cheap.

First, put five tablespoons of rice in a bowl and then pour in 3 cups of room temperature water. Once this step is completed, mix the rice well in the water. Then, transfer the rice to another container and filter it through a sieve. A cotton pad is moistened with the water obtained and the solution is applied to the upper and lower part of the orchid leaves, to clean them well and remove all traces of fungi and insects. In addition, the solution also ensures the proper supply of nutrients to the leaves, which are necessary for the growth of the orchid. This procedure must be repeated every two weeks to promote the strong and lush growth of this wonderful plant.

An alternative method is to pour the rice water obtained in the previous procedure into a spray bottle using a funnel. In this way, you can spray the solution on the bottom and top of the leaves. The effectiveness is practically the same as the method shown above with the cotton pad. The most important thing to remember is not to spray rice water on the flowers, as this may damage them.

In conclusion, it is always a good idea to pour some rice water on the orchid soil, to ensure the roots of the plant the nutrients essential for growth. The operation must be repeated every two weeks. After a short time, you will notice how much rice water is good for the orchid. In fact, this natural fertilizer helps the plant to bloom, so it is always a real natural spectacle in the garden and at home.

If you do not want to waste rice water, you can also freeze it to use the next time without having to repeat the whole process. When thawing, it is important to bring the water back to room temperature before ensuring the nutrition of orchids.