If you have a lawn or just plants at home, you are probably constantly looking for solutions to always have beautiful, flowering and colorful plants in every season. The first important thing you need to do to have healthy, beautiful and lush plants is to keep the soil in perfect condition. It may seem difficult, but it is not at all. To improve the garden are usually bought commercial products that in reality cost a lot and do not always work or can even cause problems that are not taken into account. It should be known that there are natural solutions that allow to keep plants in excellent health and also eliminate the risk of fungal diseases or parasitic infestations that can be applied without spending a penny.

How to keep the soil beautiful and healthy

Tea bags can be used to keep soil beautiful and plants thriving. Strange as it may seem, tea allows you to pamper the seedlings, lower the pH and keep the soil more acidic, this happens thanks to the presence of tannin and more. Few people know that tea leaves contain 4.15% nitrogen and many other substances that act directly on the soil structure and improve it.

Gardening, advantages of natural methods

The first method by which you can use tea bags to properly maintain the garden is to put them directly into the compost, because in this way they release a lot of nitrogen and attract only the bacteria that bring benefits to the soil and somehow protect it.

A second method of using the tea bag to make a natural pesticide is to prepare a mixture with a cup of light tea and spray it directly on the entire plant. Tea and leaves act as fertilizer, so you can simply bury them under a few layers of soil and fix the problem in no time and with little effort.

Tea as a natural fertilizer: when to intervene?

Using tea as a natural fertilizer usually makes a fantastic mix that gives great satisfaction. Here’s how to proceed. As soon as you see the leaves turn yellow or fall off, even if it’s in the middle of spring, you need to act. This behavior of the plant indicates a deficiency of magnesium and iron. Instead of spending money unnecessarily to buy dangerous products for our health, you can try to prepare a fabulous solution that requires little effort and the use of tea bags that we all have at home.

Here is the mixture ready to work wonders: it is prepared only with tea

Just take a handful of green tea or black tea and pour it directly into a quart of boiling water, let it cool and steep for three or four hours. After the specified time, spray directly on the roots or on the leaves and you’re done. At this point I will do everything alone.

The leaves that fall should not be thrown away, but reused, they must be buried deep in the ground, and then the soil must be properly rearranged. In a few days the plant will be beautiful and give completely unexpected satisfactions.

Finally, the tea leaves can be used in a special way for roses, they must be regularly added to the soil to increase the acidity, which will provide absolutely beneficial nutritional properties. Just use this method to have a fabulous rose garden and unleash the envy of neighbors.