Especially in late summer, the insects become particularly intrusive, so creativity is often needed to keep them away.

Although everyone knows them, they don’t really have a good reputation: the wasp. Like many creepy-crawlies, it feels visibly at home at the table and in drinks. This can sometimes lead to unpleasant situations. Before you want to get rid of the pests, you should first consider that wasps are just as protected as hornets and bees. This means that you should be careful not only because of the risk of injury. Fortunately, there are some home remedies and tricks that can be a solution.


There’s a well-known saying that first impressions are particularly crucial – and this should also apply to the animal world. Wasps are known to be attracted to particularly sweet or floral perfumes. But it’s not just perfume in particular that acts like a magnet on the insects; the same applies to fragrant beauty products in general and even clothing.

One of the most popular myths associated with wasps has been that yellow or flowered clothing is particularly attractive to them. Apparently, this may not be such a wrong assumption, because even certain items of clothing often have a more interesting effect on the animals than expected.


Terraces, balconies and one’s own garden are particularly suitable for planting herbs for domestic use. Choosing certain plants is a good way to keep wasps at bay. In this case, lavender, mint or marigold would be a particularly good idea. The same also applies to rosemary or lemon balm – all these plants not only drive away the pesky little animals, they are beautiful to look at and are also suitable for personal use.

Equally repellent to the animals is the scent of basil, garlic or tea tree oil. Especially the essential oils can ensure that wasps quickly seek the distance. For on the road or in a restaurant, however, rosemary or lavender oil would be more suitable as a wasp repellent.


A time-honoured trick is sometimes used to educate the pet: The spray bottle of water. The trick is well established but has not lost its effectiveness. Instead of flailing like mad or acting in a panic – just reach for the spray bottle.

By the way, the coffee powder trick is also considered to be particularly effective. All you need for this is a small amount of coffee powder, a lighter and a heat-resistant base. The coffee glows for a long time and the wasps supposedly hate the smell.


Necessity is known to be the mother of invention, and one creative trick is the “paper ball” method. By attaching a ball made of old newspapers or paper bags, the wasp is supposed to be signaled that another swarm is at home here. Another curious trick is supposed to work with copper coins. For this, just rub coins between your fingers and then spread them on the table. Since wasps also allegedly can’t stand the smell of copper, this home remedy is also said to work wonders.