With just one dollar you can have a very perfumed bathroom. Here is the ingredient you need to perfume the room. Our home is the place where we spend most of our time during the day, and it is often the place where we relax and enjoy moments with our family during a break from work or on a holiday. Sometimes it is also the place we dedicate to ourselves, reading a book, listening to music or where we spend special moments with our partner and therefore, we always make sure that it is impeccable.

Bathroom: how to make it smell with only one dollar

So, as soon as we have the opportunity and we have some time, we clean our home thoroughly and try to keep it always clean and scented, but sometimes it does not depend on us. There are times when smoke comes out of the pipes and a sewage smell spreads due to the rising water after heavy rain or other pressure. Therefore, we are in a house or a room, which can almost always be the bathroom, where the smell is very unpleasant, and not only because of the needs we have made. In addition, in the bathroom we take care of ourselves and very often the water vapor causes condensation, which is deposited on walls and glass and can form mold. Therefore, we can find ourselves in a room that smells strongly of moisture and we should ventilate the air, but often in some houses there are no windows, but only small windows that partially fix this problem.

The housewife method

We tend to buy deodorant sprays or perfumeries to absorb all the odors or hide the smell that might appear in the bathroom, but most of the time they are not of the best quality. For this reason, the most experienced housewives have come up with a very effective method to make your bathroom perfume, and you will need less than a euro to do it, since the ingredients are accessible to everyone.

First you need to have with you a small glass bottle and wooden handles, which can be long toothpicks, and then make sure you have a concentrated fabric softener or floor cleaner.

Once these ingredients are taken, pour the fabric softener or detergent into the bottle and then stick three or more toothpicks into it and leave the bottle open as if it were an air freshener.

We will see how in a short time the fabric softener or detergent will release its smell, which will last a long time in the bathroom and all the unpleasant odors will be gone, giving way to this new fragrance.

The same is true if the fabric softener is put in a spray container that can be sprayed directly into the toilet to eliminate incrustations and release a wonderful scent.

With very little money we have solved one of the biggest problems that can occur in our home, and we can recommend this method to our friends so that they too can have a very fragrant bathroom for just one euro.