Follow this trick for tomato plants and you will see that you get up to 30% higher yield. You would not expect it, but it is very simple.

Around May/June we start sowing tomatoes. There are many varieties to choose from. There are round vine tomatoes or datterini tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes, Costoluti tomatoes, Piennolo tomatoes and many other varieties. Not all of us can use the trick we are about to show.

This trick is actually for tomato plants that grow vertically near the canes that you put in the ground. There is a very specific reason, and it involves the girl. The latter is nothing more than the shoot, which is usually removed when pruning and trimming for growing other tomatoes.

The trick that we are about to show you makes the plant grow 30% more and can be applied to plants with indeterminate growth. This means nothing more than that the plant will develop and bear fruit until the first cold weather arrives. Below, in the next paragraph, we will see the details of this trick that you can apply in your garden.

Tomatoes: Increase your yield with this trick

In this trick to make plants grow faster, you do not have to add fertilizer to the plants. The plant itself and its effects are exploited. Let’s talk in particular about the female, that is, the part of the plant that we mentioned earlier. As we said, this trick can be used only for tall tomato plants with indeterminate growth (we remind you). Instead of removing the females and thus reducing the yield, in practice we ensure that they grow and turn into a new stem with leaves, flowers and fruits.

Therefore, these axillary shoots turn into a new stem if they are not cut. Consequently, the crop will be larger, but since there is a new stem, the plant needs more nutrients. Even if the plant bears more fruit, it will not grow much, but will remain smaller. In any case, it is not recommended to leave all the females on the plant.

Only some can be left, but the others still need to be removed. A plant overgrown with leaves will have a better yield, as there is also less air circulation. In addition, the plant becomes unstable with too many females. So do not overdo it with the care of these shoots. In short, we can say: keep them just enough not to damage the plant.

Fertilizers for tomato plants

If you also want to use fertilizers for your tomato plants, we recommend some natural fertilizers that you can prepare and use yourself. Here they are:

  • Manure: This is the best organic fertilizer for growing this plant. However, it must come from non-industrial farms.
  • Ash: Wood ash contains many minerals useful for the plant.
  • Liquid solution: Pour a glass of cold, unsweetened coffee into a bottle of warm water. You can simply use this solution pure or enrich it with vegetable cooking water.

These are some examples, but the best fertilizers for tomatoes are those that are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.