The airline “Air New Zealand” is now getting serious. In addition to the baggage check at the airport, a weight check for passengers will be introduced with immediate effect. Find out here whether this is permitted and what the reasons are behind it.

On the way to vacation, many people dread the moment when their suitcase is weighed at the airport. Is the luggage perhaps too heavy after all? But it could soon get even worse. The well-known and popular airline “Air New Zealand” now also wants to weigh its passengers. So, the airline’s passengers can expect a weight check at the airport from now on. But don’t worry participation is currently voluntary and the weight remains anonymous anyway. But what is behind this newly introduced control?

Weight control at the airport

The airline said that pilots need to know the weight and balance of the loaded aircraft before take-off. It said this was a matter of safety. “Every time we fly, we want to know exactly what the weight of the loaded aircraft is,” said airline CEO Greg Foran in a radio broadcast on Radio New Zealand. The scales are therefore in place at Auckland Airport from now until at least July 2. In total, the weight of 10,000 passengers is to be determined during this time, although participation is currently voluntary.

In contrast to the scales in the gym, at the doctor’s office or at home, no one can see the number on the scales – not even the airline staff. As the New Zealand Herald newspaper reports, the data is transmitted anonymously to the airline. The aim of the weight check is to determine the average weight of the passengers together with their hand luggage.

In principle, by the way, everything on the plane is weighed. This includes not only suitcases, but also cargo and meals on board. For crew, passengers and carry-on baggage, on the other hand, average weights from a data survey are used. For passengers, the average weight – excluding hand luggage – is usually 194 lb.

Weighing at the airport and protecting the environment?

However, the actual background of the weight check is as follows: The total weight of the aircraft is estimated before departure and the aircraft is refueled accordingly. If the exact total weight of the aircraft could be determined before departure, kerosene would be saved, and the environment would also be protected.