We reveal five ingenious tips to keep the heat out of your apartment and why wet towels for cooling are not always ideal.

Heat in the apartment – why does it stay warm for so long?

You may have noticed that the heat doesn’t stay in your apartment right away. But at the latest after a few days of heat wave or a relaxing vacation, the heat accumulates in the rooms. This is due to the fact that mass heats up slowly and also releases the heat only slowly. And mass in this case includes the walls of the apartment and everything in it. So, the first rule is, the more crowded the room, the more objects store heat and your apartment stays heated for a longer time. So that we ourselves do not overheat on hot days, it is important to drink enough. This is especially easy with our delicious thirst quenchers.

Keeping heat out of the apartment – this is how it works

1st Airing

Proper ventilation is important all year round. In summer, make sure you open the windows as soon as it’s cooler outside than inside. This does not necessarily have to be in the morning but is also possible in the evening. Just a few degrees of cooler air outside will make it easier to fall asleep in the heat. As soon as it gets warmer outside than inside, quickly close the windows again.

2nd Open cupboards

As described above, mass stores heat. So also the contents of our cupboards. When airing out, it is therefore best to leave them open. Otherwise, the heat accumulates and escapes into the room air over a longer period of time. This applies not only to closets, but also to kitchen cupboards. After all, food also does not tolerate the heat well and needs special attention in the summer.

3rd Roller blinds down

Closed blinds darken the room and prevent the sun’s rays from heating the room. Be careful not to close the blinds all the way, though. Trapped air will otherwise heat up too much and get inside when you open the windows. If you don’t have blinds, a space blanket will help. It is important that you stretch it from the outside and with the silver side facing the sun in front of the window. The foil reflects the sun’s rays and keeps the heat away.

4th Carpet out and plants in

In other countries it is quite normal to store the carpet in the summer. We still underestimate this option way too much, but by doing so we take mass out of the room that heats up. So, feel free to store large and heavy carpets in the basement or attic during the summer. Plants, on the other hand, keep our indoor air healthy and balanced.

5th Cooking in the heat – yes or no?

There’s nothing wrong with whipping up a quick meal even in the heat. However, you should postpone the Sunday roast or a menu that sizzles for hours in the oven until cooler times. But even an outdoor kitchen or delicious recipes from the grill, keep the heat out of the apartment.