When you buy white underwear, they are naturally flawless. It’s just that they turn gray during the wash cycle, which always frustrates you! Rest assured, there is a simple trick to fix the problem. I’m sure you’ve noticed that one of your white underwear has turned gray. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome this inconvenience.

How does underwear turn gray?

At the time of purchase, your underwear is snow white. Only over the washes can they tarnish to the point of graying. But rest assured that you can overcome this inconvenience by using the right ingredients and allowing your underwear to regain all its whiteness.

What ingredients should you use to restore the whiteness of your underwear?

While many people think of bleaching agents, it is still not recommended to use chemicals. Therefore, you can replace them with natural ingredients, including milk, white vinegar, ammonia or white vinegar. But here is a more sophisticated trick to achieve this quickly and easily.

To lighten dull or gray underwear , first fill a bowl with hot water. Then add two large tablespoons of table salt and one large tablespoon of baking soda. Once all the ingredients are incorporated and mixed, add a blob of your usual fabric softener and stir everything together. Once you have your whitening product, pour it into a basin, place your underwear in it and let it sit for 15 minutes . Then gently wash them by hand. This trick also works for white lace underwear if you know how. You will notice later that the gray has disappeared in favor of the white. Finally, let them dry in the sun. Over time and with repeated washing, white lingerie can quickly turn gray. With this trick, it is now possible to reverse the trend.