A method of cleaning experts, adding this ingredient before washing: The scent will be intoxicating. Laundry does not always smell good when it comes out of the washing machine after washing . The factors can be many, but at the same time there are methods that are recommended directly by experts. Before washing it is a good rule to add a certain ingredient, using the method taught by grandmothers. All the “old” and simple remedies are back in fashion, precisely because they are excellent for perfuming or cleaning fabrics, as well as perfuming. Let’s find out together what method is used by professionals in the industry.

Why do clothes smell after washing?

For some clothes, even the most delicate, you cannot do without washing in the washing machine. Modern technology offers a range of programs that are perfect for the complete cleaning of clothes. However, despite the precautions, sometimes the clothes and fabrics smell immediately after washing. There are many factors, but among the most common we find: The right washing program was not chosen, for this reason the fabrics remained dirty and smelly.

One or more garments in the washing machine were damp before washing, creating a devastating domino effect between odor and dampness that cannot be counteracted. A larger amount of fabric softener than recommended was used, completely damaging the fibers of the fabrics to the point of creating a bad odor. After washing, the garments have remained in the washing machine for a long time. Therefore, the moisture has created a nauseating odor that can only be eliminated with a second wash. Accidents can happen, but it is important to take some precautions and methods to perfume the laundry even before you start the washing machine.

Just one ingredient before washing for a fragrance explosion

The products you buy in the supermarket offer a range of different fragrances, albeit rich in preservatives and elements that could ruin fabrics. For this reason, cleaning experts recommend using only one ingredient with a completely unexpected method.

The protagonist is bar soap, a natural ingredient that is always present in all homes

We proceed by obtaining small flakes by cutting them on a clean dry towel. Fold the towel and place it – with the soap flakes in it – in the washing machine between the laundry items. To further enhance the cleaning action and fragrance, you can also add washing powder to the drum.

Run the washing machine with the selected program and wait until the laundry is ready. When you’re done, immediately remove the clean clothes and hang them up. The end results. A scent of fresh cleanliness, thanks to the bar soap that dissolves during washing. A simple and inexpensive method that achieves the final goal with very fragrant clothes.