Really clean and fragrant laundry is the eighth wonder of the world. To get it every time, simply use the pillowcase trick in the washing machine. Have you heard of it? It alone is enough to solve 4 problems, and with surprising effects! Let’s find out which ones together!

The pillowcase trick in the washing machine, for cleaner laundry, but not only!

If you want very fragrant and clean clothes, put them in the drum according to the instructions on the label. Colored and white well separated, delicate fabrics and cotton, and so on. Then grate some soap and pour it into a pillowcase. 1 heaped tablespoon is enough for half a load, if the washing machine is full, use 3. If you particularly love it and therefore don’t have any available, you can use any other bar of soap as long as it’s organic. Put the pillowcase in with the laundry and start washing! To further brighten your clothes, you can add one and a half scoops of baking soda along with the soap to wash at low temperatures, two if you exceed 104°. Enjoy the result, but be careful not to be dazzled!!!

Now let’s move on to the ingenious trick to avoid scattering your socks in the drum. Urban legend has it that they always enter as a pair, but get divorced during the wash and in the end only one is left, the other having fled to new shores and new adventures. Joking aside, distraction often plays a big part when it comes to losing socks. That’s why a pillowcase can help us keep them paired at all times. Place them inside along with 1 scoop of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of soap. Close tightly with a cotton ribbon and put in the washing machine. They will never be single again!!!

In the same way, the dear pillowcases help us not to lose smaller ruffles in the washing machine and especially not to ruin them during the spin cycle. Doilies, washable make-up remover pads, chair covers, bibs for children are all items that can get stuck in the porthole or get excessively worn, for example, if there are clothes with zippers and buttons in the wash. It is better to protect them with a pillowcase, always with a little soap and baking soda. We will find them very clean, intact and fragrant at the end of the wash!