To completely eliminate weeds in your uncultivated garden, you can rely on a truly excellent natural solution.

Anyone who has a passion for plants dreams of a beautiful, well-kept garden full of flowers that add vibrancy and color. However, it is often far from easy to achieve this result, especially if the garden is unmanaged and full of weeds and shrubs. How to transform a garden in anything but pleasant conditions into a much more attractive green space? We often resort to various chemical products to remove weeds and shrubs from the garden, but not everyone knows that it is actually possible to achieve the same result (in some cases even better) with a simple and natural solution.

The ideal solution for weed removal in the uncultivated garden: here’s how to prepare it

First, put ½ lb. of salt in a container – even a glass will do – add a little water and mix everything. Once this step is completed, the obtained solution must be poured into a plastic bottle. Better use a funnel to pour the entire mixture into the bottle. Now take a bottle of detergent and pour 7 fl oz of the product into a container with scale.

The detergent must now be poured into the plastic bottle, in which we have already put the previous solution. Also in this case, we must use the funnel to ensure that the process is performed optimally. That’s not all, because we must also add sodium bicarbonate to the plastic bottle: just measure a spoon and always use the funnel to add it to the bottled solution. Finally, you just need to add water to the bottle until it is full.

To obtain the most effective solution, it is recommended to close the plastic bottle with the lid and stir well, that is, virtually “shake” the bottle. Since this bottle is to act as a sprinkler, the last step is to pierce the cap to ensure a jet of water: this is easily done with a hot fork.

The product is really effective: it only takes a few days

Now you just need to use the plastic bottle with the solution to take care of the unmanaged garden and remove weeds and bushes. Just press lightly on the body of the bottle so that the solution comes out of the perforated cap, and apply it to the places where we need to solve the problem. You have to be very careful to apply the product in the right places. Once the process is completed, it is necessary to wait a few days (usually four or five) to observe the effectiveness of the solution we have implemented.

In fact, the product completely destroys the weeds that infest our garden, so we can easily eliminate them and breathe new life into our green space. Therefore, for a whole range of reasons, it is recommended to rely on this natural solution. The product is not only very easy to prepare, but also extremely effective and, unlike the solutions available on the market, does not contain toxic substances. In addition, this concentrate of salt, water, detergent and baking soda is much cheaper than the products available on the market.