Aluminum foil is a very practical item that can be found in most kitchens. It can be used in different ways, but its main purpose is to preserve food in the best possible way. However, few people know that the same object can be recycled for gardening purposes instead of throwing it away. Let’s find out how to use it!

Use the foil to grow the seeds

Foil can be used effectively for both young seedlings and already mature gardens. This technique is very easy to set up: To begin, take a pot of your choice and cover the bottom with a large enough sheet of aluminum foil. Once the bottom of the pot is covered, you can add soil and plant your seeds. This trick effectively retains heat, which greatly enhances the development of seeds in the soil. For example, you will notice faster growth of your cucumber seedlings.

More tips to protect your garden by using aluminum foil

For those who have a vegetable garden, it is often disappointing to find that animals or pests damage your plants in your absence by feeding on fruits and seeds. Fortunately, there is a simple remedy for these pests: using recycled aluminum foil.

Placing pieces of foil near the plants you want to protect will create light reflections with the sun’s rays that will scare these critters away and cause them to leave your garden. Simply attach a piece of aluminum foil with a string near the area you want to protect.

Scare away the birds

Birds are naturally afraid of shiny and noisy things. If you have fruit trees in your home, you can easily protect them by tying narrow strips of aluminum foil to the branches. You can also draw creepy eyes on the paper with a marker to increase the deterrent effect. This trick is simple and guarantees good results.

Hunt rodents

To prevent small animals from attacking the seeds you just planted in your vegetable garden, you may want to cover the pots with aluminum foil. Using the same principle of reflected light, it will keep animals out and protect your garden. For fruit trees, covering the trunk with aluminum foil can also be beneficial to protect fruit or young shoots from rodents. Simply cut sheets large enough to wrap around the trunk, then secure with rope or plastic ties.

Repel deer

Sometimes it’s not enough to separate trees with a fence. Their long legs can easily reach young trees. Wrap a wide strip of aluminum foil at least 50 inches high around the trunk of the tree.

Keep squirrels and rabbits away

Aluminum foil balls hung in the garden also catch the light, the sparkle tends to scare squirrels and rabbits.