With this incredible ingredient and some allies, it will no longer be a problem to have an incredibly shiny floor: We all have them at home. Like any surface, floors need to be clean. Let’s find out together what makes floors shiny and effortless, even difficult places achieved with excellent results. The floor of the house gets dirty easily, the constant trampling with shoes, the resulting stains do not make it shine as you would like, and the floor needs to be cleaned every day.

Glossy and shiny floor: is there a remedy?

We are constantly looking for products that satisfy us as a solution, but at the same time do not harm the environment! Products that clean and polish floors in one or two passes. No problem, there are household products that can help us in our daily work, and if you do not want to buy chemicals that pollute the environment, there is a solution. Just combine four products that we have at home to make the perfect cleaner with nothing that can make the floor incredibly shiny, and they are:

  • Sodium bicarbonate,
  • White wine vinegar,
  • Fabric softener,
  • Dishwashing detergent.

As you can see, these are products that are present in every household, but these four together give amazing results. The ingredients for a DIY cleaner. Let’s get to know the 4 products that are used separately to prepare this homemade cleaner, and what other uses they are suitable for.

  • Sodium bicarbonate

Countless times we have talked about baking soda as a product that can be used in home cleaning. For example, it can help keep the kitchen sink pipes clean. Just pour a spoon and a pot of hot water to make the water flow better and remove some grease residue from the pipes. If you want spotless and fragrant laundry, just add some baking soda in the washing machine phase. And the clean smell is guaranteed!

  • White wine vinegar

White wine vinegar is also widely used at home and not just for salad dressings. If it seems like a waste to pour white vinegar in the toilet, know that it is perfect to remove the thin film of lime that settles in the toilet , allowing germs to “stick” and multiply. White vinegar not only has a function in the laundry by making the sheets less wrinkled by acting as a green softener.

  • Fabric softener

We know it well, there are different fragrances, the fabric softener has the function of “stretching” the fibers of the fabrics. One person cannot do without it, the other thinks it is too chemical to spread on the skin wash after wash and replace it with something else. However, in this do-it-yourself recipe, its abilities are used to make floors fragrant and shiny!

  • Dishwashing liquid

Also in this case, its function is to give the do-it-yourself cleaner for our floors a light, but not overly foamy touch.

Here’s how to prepare the cleaner to have a very shiny floor

The preparation of our do-it-yourself cleaner requires very little time and our 4 magic products: Let’s take a bucket to wash the floor or a mop and pour warm water until it is half full. So, we combine a tablespoon of baking soda, half a cup of scented fabric softener that we like best, half a cup of white vinegar and just a squirt of hand dishwashing liquid. Once all the ingredients have dissolved in the water, we can start cleaning the floor. We can use a classic microfiber cloth or the mop of our mop. With this treatment, you do not need to wax or anything else to have an incredibly shiny floor!