A really effective and miraculous method to clean the washing machine is that of the plastic bag. Here we explain how it works.

How to clean your washing machine effectively

From now on, you will never do laundry without using this trick that will change your everyday life. But apart from this beneficial use, it is important to maintain your machine regularly. In order to hope for an effective detergent and not affect the performance of the washing machine, it is important to clean its components frequently. And especially the filter often put to the test!

Experts recommend cleaning it at least every 2-3 months. How to do it at home? It is not complicated: First, take it out of the device and manually remove accumulated dirt, especially clothing fibers, hair or pet hair.

Then wash it under running water. If you find that it contains incrustations due to lime, do not hesitate to immerse it in a solution of water and alcoholic vinegar. Let it soak for 15 minutes, then scrub it with a soft brush and rinse it.

When the filter is clean and you put it back in the machine, wash it thoroughly. For optimal cleaning, you can rely on the cleansing, brightening and deodorizing benefits of white vinegar. Here’s how: Pour a cup of vinegar into the detergent drawer, then run an empty wash cycle at maximum temperature (195 °F). This will make your washing machine clean, shiny and hygienic again.

Why put a plastic bag in it

Do you often notice that your laundry is covered in lint when it comes out of the drum? Maybe it’s the fibers from a handkerchief forgotten in the pockets? But maybe you have a pet at home that sheds a lot? Whatever the reason, this lint is annoying in many ways: it sticks to your freshly washed clothes, but most importantly, it damages the filter and the drum of the machine over time.

Rest assured, there is a very smart way to solve this problem. Thanks to this method of grandmother no fibers or hair will not disturb your clothes, and at the same time will protect all the internal components of the washing machine.

  • The little trick is very simple: before starting the wash cycle, place a transparent plastic bag in the drum in the middle of the laundry.
  • After entering, set up your washing machine as usual and run the program. When the wash cycle is finished and you open the drum, you will notice that there is no hair or lint left.

Your clothes will come out perfectly clean and all residues will be trapped in the plastic bag thanks to static electricity. Not only that, but this ingenious method also extends the life of the filter, since all the little dirt will no longer stick to it, but to the bag.