Like all living species, flowers can suffer for many reasons and even end up withering. A prolonged drought, the invasion of insects, diseases, an excess or, on the contrary, a lack of watering All bad conditions that can shorten their life. If you want to protect them so that they remain healthy, it is necessary to offer them a special and, above all, regular care. To better care for your potted plants, discover this little trick of Alain Grimaud, gardener, that will protect them longer.

Potted plants require special care

Unlike those in the garden, potted plants grow more slowly and require a quality substrate to thrive. Since space is limited, the roots do not develop freely and need constant attention. If you live in an apartment and have no choice but to keep your flowers in pots, you need to be extra vigilant to protect them and keep them healthy.

Be aware that high temperatures can affect your plants. If the heat continues to drop in your area (or indoors because of the heater), they will be the first victims. Although some are very resistant to hot days (and to the heater), such as cacti, most require special attention. The first care advice to consider: watering. It is very important to keep your flowers deeply moisturized, especially when the heat causes the soil to evaporate much faster. This can cause brown or yellow spots to appear on the leaves, which can cause the plant to wilt or dry out faster than expected. The smartest way to check if they are getting enough water is to press on the soil with your finger: If you notice it’s still dry, continue watering more slowly. And then, of course, the location plays a big role: if your plants are placed on the balcony, you only need to put them indoors under the intense sunlight to avoid direct sunlight.

What if you put stones in your flowerpots?

Plants that require high humidity, such as tropical plants, should be watered frequently. However, to keep the humidity longer, we have an effective trick for you: you need to put stones in the pot . The best option would be to get “gravel”, which are small stones that are very common in landscaping. They not only give the pot a decorative touch, but also provide a number of benefits to your flowers. Thus, these stones have the same effect as clay balls, as they promote the flow of water and at the same time prevent the soil from becoming soggy. Note that excess water can also be deadly to plants and cause them to rot quickly. A word of advice: it is better to keep your plants away from the walls, which in turn give off heat. And remember to always watch your plants for signs of disease.

How to water your plants properly?

Ideally, it is wiser to water through the potting soil. Why avoid watering the leaves directly? First, by watering near the ground, the water automatically reaches the roots. On the other hand, the leaves of wet plants are susceptible to fungus or rot. Especially since powdery mildew-prone plants are more likely to contract this disease if their leaves are constantly wet. Make sure the watering water is neither too cold nor too hot. Especially in hot weather, plants tend to prefer lukewarm water.

Good to know:  To prolong the life of a potted plant, you must provide it with all the nutrients it needs. Therefore, the soil must be enriched with organic fibers to nourish the plant longer. Also rely on drainage so as not to suffocate the roots.