Tulips are flowers that are particularly appreciated for their beauty and variety of colors, but require special care to enjoy their charm longer. Discover our tips and advice to care for your tulips and prolong their beauty! Many of you appreciate the spring flowers. But do you know how to take care of them, so they don’t wilt so quickly? Check out this trick that will make tulips last longer in their vase. Here’s what you need to do before you put them in water!

Tip for caring for tulips in a vase

Tulips are one of the most common spring flowers. They beautify our interiors and add color to any room. Although they are seasonal flowers, they are very delicate and require special care. You may not know it, but tulips bloom longer than other flowers in a vase. For this reason, it is important to follow an important step when you put them in water. First, cut an inch off the stems of the flowers while they are under the stream of water. Be sure to make the cut diagonally to create a larger surface area for water to absorb when you place them in the vase. The second important step is to remove the leaves from the stems. Although this aspect may not seem essential at first glance, the reality is that the leaves will begin to rot upon contact with water. This will shorten the life of the flowers. If you want to enjoy it to the fullest, pay attention to this detail. There is a trick that will allow you to keep your tulips longer in a vase with water. This is an ingredient that you need to add to the vase of water, so that the flowers do not lose their beauty so quickly.

The ingredient that preserves tulips and prolongs their life

Before you put the flowers in the vase, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water in the vase. The trick is very effective, because the acidity of the lemon juice prevents the development of bacteria. Thus, the flower stems will not rot, and you will enjoy them longer. After you put the tulips in the water, carefully choose the place in the house where you will place them. You should keep these spring flowers in a cool environment. Never place them near heat sources or in rooms where you know it will be hot. It is also advisable to keep tulips out of direct sunlight. Remember to change the water frequently. Do not put lukewarm water in the vase, always put cold water. And it will help stop the growth of bacteria.

What is the ideal season for tulips?

Tulips bloom in spring, but preparation begins in early to late winter. Tulip bulbs need at least four weeks to bloom. Nurseries often sell pre-chilled bulbs.

What to do with tulip bulbs after bloom?

Once you let the foliage wilt naturally, you can dig up the bulbs. Be sure to discard any damaged or diseased bulbs and allow the remaining bulbs to dry. Store them in containers or netting in a dark, dry place during the summer, a garage or basement is often recommended, and replant them the following season.

Why do tulips fall?

The main cause of drooping tulips is dehydration. Lack of watering or too much sunlight can cause dehydrated tulips with drooping leaves. Although tulips do not need much water, they should be kept moist. Therefore, we recommend watering your tulips once a week. If you water these flowers too much, it will cause root rot, which will affect nutrient uptake, and it can also lead to drooping tulips.

When to cut wilted tulips?

To make your tulips last as long as possible in a vase, cut the flowers when they have reached about 50-75% of their full color. If it is less, the flowers will not grow in the vase. On the other hand, you don’t have to wait too long to cut them. In the spring, when it gets warmer and sunnier, you should be careful not to let the tulips bloom too much, because then they will not last as long. And as with most flowers you want to cut, try to harvest them in the early morning or late evening when temperatures tend to be cooler.